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Mod.pod.: Wallace Stevens, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird


Today, Caitlin and I move to the poetic teaching of Wallace Stevens. Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird is one of the puzzling statements in modern American poetry. It reveals the need for a new poetry that can, by image and by reasoning, recall our basic experiences and articulate our humanity in terms of our perennial temptation to make metaphors. The good and bad news Stevens brings is this: our intellect works in the element of the imagination.

Mod.pod: Wallace Stevens, The Idea of Order at Key West


The Modern Poetry Podcast is back. Our own @langevine, Caitlin, joins me to talk about The Idea of Order at Key West, the most beautiful of the poems of Wallace Stevens — American modernist, businessman, winner of the Pulitzer, and the most eminent figure to be pummeled savagely by Hemingway. Next week, we’re publishing our thoughts on 13 ways of looking at a blackbird. Please listen, share, comment, and rate/review us on iTunes.

ACF Middlebrow#5 The Great American Christmas


It’s almost Christmas and here at the American Cinema Foundation, we have a surprise-podcast, part of the series on middlebrow. We’re talking about how American Christmas came to be. My friend — and fellow Ricochet member — Eric Cook has the story for you, I’m just along for the ride. He goes from the Dutch in New Amsterdam to the family bounty Christmas of the ’50s, from New England to Pennsylvania and to the South, and back to Europe, ancient, medieval, and modern to pick up all the strands needed to weave together to make for a Merry Christmas. Listen, comment, and please share!

ACF#19: Blade Runner 2049


This week, Pete and I complete our discussion of Blade Runner. We want especially to attract your attention to the shifts in the questions meant to define humanity. The original film featured replicants who thought they were human; now we see replicants who don’t think they’re human. Questions about soul, the interior, secretive part of the rational, mortal being that we are are replaced by questions of birth and funeral–getting at the family and religion, which define our humanity. We also talk about director Denis Villeneuve, whose previous movie, Arrival, was also very much pro-life.

American Cinema Foundation, Podcast #1


Hello, Ricochet! Here’s the first of my projects through the American Cinema Foundation. I’m planning a weekly podcast talking about movies new and old, as they come into the news. What I want out this series of half-hour discussions is to give people a sense of the depth of thought involved in movies, even in popular movies that do not pretend to be sophisticated. It’s probably going to take me a while to figure out a format that works for an American audience, but I can guarantee that you’ll hear things that make sense as soon as you hear them, but which you haven’t heard before, as well as things that make no sense or seem very obscure.

I’m all about showing what’s serious about the movies I talk about, and so are my friends and guests. I’m hoping to make a bit of a splash, not least so that I find it easier to invite directors and writers on the podcast to talk about what’s worthwhile in American cinema. So please share this wherever you can! I’m grateful for whatever suggestions you can make, if you think they might help me improve the podcast and spread the word about my work here. Ultimately, I want to help people think about movies. Our leisure to a large extent is about movies and series. I’m all about giving people ways to get as much as possible out of the movies they love or even are merely curious about.

Member Post


I have been trying to upload video I took at Titus’s Last Stop meet up last weekend, to YouTube.  I am encountering an error I have never had before.  The video was made with my Panasonic video camera, and I have loads of experience uploading video to my RushBabe49 YouTube site.  I have nearly 40 […]

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