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Ladies: Tipping at Hair Salons


Let me start by saying I paid my way through college by waitressing tables. I understand this job and I tip waitstaff very well. I also tip waitstaff based on the quality of the service I receive. If it’s really exceptional, an exceptional tip is given. If service is just okay, I’ll still tip, but there’s a quality scale. Many in modern society feel TIPS are meant “to insure prompt service”, after all. If that’s not what I got, then I’m not paying as much.

Do I resent tipping at restaurants? No.

While the November midterms look tough for the GOP congress, Republican governors are the GOP’s 2018 good news–particularly in blue states like Massachusetts and New Hampshire. What’s their secret sauce? We have experts from both those states offering their insights.

And what the heck happened to VT’s Republican star Gov. Phil Scott–who had the biggest popularity plunge ever measured by Morning Consult polling? All the deets are in the podcast.

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It seems people don’t respond well to having their options reduced. Imagine that. But CEO Bob Merritt tells investors that “customers and staff spoke very loudly,” and that “a lot of them voted with their feet.” Customer research apparently showed that nearly 60 percent of patrons disliked the tipless model, which increased menu prices by 12 to 15 […]

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Six Things Your Uber Driver Wants You to Know


As I’ve alluded to in other comments, I’ve been a driver for Uber since mid-August, with almost 300 trips under my belt. I’m having more fun doing this gig than I thought I would, as the Uber demographic tends to be younger, smarter, and more outgoing than the population in general. Instead of what I expected — passengers sitting stoically, staring at the back of my head — most of my passengers are interesting and fun to talk to.

Don’t Leave a Tip


shutterstock_172438112Tipping in restaurants has always been a complicated issue. I usually leave around 20 percent, which is more than the 15 percent expected, but my feeling is, in Obama’s America everyone needs a little more help.

And there are tip jars in almost every coffee shop and take-out place, and what I usually do is just dump the change into it. But it’s a complicated and awkward business no matter how you slice it.

Word now comes from Danny Meyer, one of the most successful (deservedly so) and celebrated restauranteurs in America, that he’s going to eliminate the practice in his restaurants, beginning with the high-end Modern in the Museum of Modern Art. From Eater NY:

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This is a topic that I’ve been thinking about for a while, but this is the first time that I’ve written it down completely.First, let’s discuss the misconception that the minimum wage for servers is $2.13 per hour.This is both kinda true, and misleading. Minimum wage for servers is the same as everyone else, $7.25 […]

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Tipping: The Mr. Pink Solution?


PinkThere’s a famous scene in Quentin Tarantino’s film Reservoir Dogs — and it’s so far out of compliance with Ricochet’s Code of Conduct that I’ll have to just point you here, with a warning for delicate sensibilities, if you want to see it — in which Steve Buscemi’s Mr. Pink refuses, on principle, to chip in for the tip at the end of a group meal. The original dialogue is so heavily spiced with trademark Tarantino scatology that it can’t be reproduced here, but here’s the argument with the saltiness elided:

I don’t tip because society says I have to. If they really put forth the effort, I’ll give ’em something extra. But this tipping automatically is for the birds. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just doing their job.

When confronted with the argument that servers are making minimum wage:

Do You Tip Hotel Housekeeping?


shutterstock_141325891I just returned from Europe, where tipping is rare. Unless service is truly exceptional, one does not tip for meals. Taxi tips simply round the fare up to the nearest Euro. Then, I saw an article about a new program Marriott is using to try to shame its guests into tipping the housekeepers:

Marriott isn’t the first hotel to use a note or an envelope to connect a name to the room’s upkeep and amenities. But it seems to be the first large chain to do so. Announcing its new program, called The Envelope Please, the company explained its goal:

“Hotel room attendants often go unnoticed, as they silently care for the millions of travelers who are on the road at any given time. Because hotel guests do not always see or interact with room attendants, their hard work is many times overlooked when it comes to tipping. The Envelope Please makes leaving them a gratuity simple and secure.”