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On Quitting


Lazy author’s note: One of the effects of membership in this site is that I have written down a lot of things that I otherwise would not have. Many of these thoughts remain in editing limbo. The intent is to post my great wisdom and reap the internet points, but a side effect is that I have accidentally created a bit of journal that I have never before managed to convince myself to write. I wrote this back in the spring of 2018. I decided not to change much. There are no conclusions here, just thoughts. I’ve added a few notes in bold italics for updates and clarity. And because I like bold italics.

I joined Ricochet after I had been visiting the site for several years. The reason I had not joined earlier was that I had nothing to say. If I had a question or comment on a post, somebody else had already voiced it. All I had to do was scroll through the comments and wait and somebody did the work for me.

Member Post


My larger church organization publishes a magazine called Daily Word which uses a short inspirational format. I write in the same format for my specific church to provide daily inspiration postings. Awhile back, @garyrobbins challenged folks to up their memberships. I was unable to comply with the challenge, but since we belong to the same […]

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Assorted Ideas, Opinions, Musings and Other Drivel II: Come and Get Numb


“In the long run we’re all dead.” So said economist John Maynard Keynes. I speak for us all when I say the long run can’t come soon enough. We needn’t go into details. It’s evident humanity is irrevocably screwed-up, civilization was a mistake, and it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood finds your favorite film and remakes, reboots, and prequelizes it. Worst of all is there’s nothing we can do about it. Seppuku never caught on—even the Japanese are too busy fending off demon-possessed schoolgirls to disembowel themselves—and cyanide is too expensive for the poor who deserve death equally as much as the rest of us. Our remaining hope for the world being put out of its misery is if Joe Biden trips and smacks his forehead on the red button which, to be fair, is a distinct possibility.

Until armageddon comes, numb yourself with some of my thoughts. This is a sequel to a post I wrote last year and judging by the film and video game industries, there’s nothing more beloved than sequels. So relax, inject some Cat III directly into your brain for temporary relief from the agony of life.

Assorted Ideas, Opinions, Musings, and Other Drivel


shutterstock_259500479With all due apologies to my high school English teachers, I’ve just written a post that has no thesis, no overarching theme, and no signs that its writer has a clue what a thesis is, let alone a theme, and how to overarch it. A lot of thoughts and observations clog up my brain and I just gotta unload.

That the unloading is going to be inelegant is unfortunate, but it’s not like I’m being paid (it’s not too late to start). The only connective tissue between these ideas is my own insanity … I mean inanity. You know what, both words apply. Just read:

• They say it’s illegal to shout, “Fire!” in a crowded theater, but what about a sparsely filled theater? Like if it was five dudes watching a Pauly Shore retrospective, I bet it would be illegal to yell, “Fire!” even if there was one, because those are people we’d rather were dead.