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The Iron Lady Redux


New Prime Minister Theresa May had an early test of her leadership abilities yesterday when handling her first Prime Minister’s Questions before British Parliament. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attempted to knock her down with leading several leading queries, the most notable of which focused on job insecurity and terrible bosses who lack self-awareness.

Madam Prime Minister turned it around on the embattled leftist leader with a withering response:

Meet Prime Minister Theresa May


Andrea Leadsom just dropped out of the race to be the next Tory leader and British prime minister. This means Theresa May is apt to be the prime minister by the end of the day.

The dramatic development came in a statement issued by Leadsom, the energy minister, shortly after midday. She admitted that she has been left “shattered” by the contest in which she has faced an outpouring of anger following her comments about motherhood.

Boris Johnson Drops Out


BorisTo audible gasps, Boris Johnson has abandoned his bid to be prime minister. He dropped out after Justice Secretary Michael Gove, Johnson’s ally in the Brexit campaign, betrayed him by announcing that he would be running to succeed Cameron. Why did Gove stab him in the back? Not clear yet, but perhaps he’s channeling the ambient sense that Boris is just too much of a clown:

Some in Westminster think Cameron’s decision to announce his resignation last Friday was, in part, designed to finally checkmate his rival. “He who wields the knife never wears the crown,” has become a mantra of U.K. politics ever since Michael Heseltine’s failed attempt to succeed Margaret Thatcher after helping to oust her. By quitting Number 10, MPs wonder if the prime minister has thrust the knife into his rival’s hands.

“We need a grown up not a comedian,” one Conservative MP from a Midlands marginal seat said, echoing concerns among many of his colleagues. “We need a safe pair of hands. Boris is like chewing gum, he goes stale quickly and we can’t afford that.”