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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for March 1, 2017, it’s the Dems Must Be Crazy edition of the show. This week, we are brought to you by Zip Recruiter. Find the right person for the job you have to offer with one click. We are also brought to you by Harry’s Shave. Try it. You will not go back. Promise. And we are brought to you by The Great Courses Plus. With over eight thousand video lectures re-discover the excitement of learning.

Our first topic this week is the psychological stability, or lack thereof, of the left. A report in the L.A. Times by Soumya Karlamangla described the problems that therapists of America are having in treating people with depression, anxiety and general craziness on account of the recent political turn of events (shhh…the election of Trump). Is the root of the problem that the left feels – the origin of the hysteria that Trump’s election has wrought – the lack of ability of leftists to cope with their own mortality? That’s my theory. Todd has his too.


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Here are, as best I can decipher, the stakes for today’s Republican primaries. The source links have more information on each [plus a whole lot more: it’s a no-frills site chock full of straightforward data]. Hawaii =19 [proportional] Idaho = 32 [WTA if >50%; otherwise proportional among 20%+ candidates] Michigan = 59 [WTA if >50%; […]

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The Value of Psychotherapy



I’ve noticed that some people on Ricochet harbor a suspicion of psychotherapy (which I will call therapy hereafter). The issues seem to fall into three categories: