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The Wall Street Journal Sets Axios Straight on What Delayed the Development of Molnupiravir


Pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck announced today the company is seeking FDA emergency-use authorization for its experimental antiviral treatment for COVID-19, molnupiravir.

On Oct. 1, Merck released a statement that said, “At the interim analysis, molnupiravir reduced the risk of hospitalization or death by approximately 50%; 7.3% of patients who received molnupiravir were either hospitalized or died through Day 29 following randomization, compared with 14.1% of placebo-treated patients.”

Extreme Sloppiness at the Wall Street Journal

Hillsdale College

Hillsdale College.

At noon, while waiting for lunch, I glanced at The Wall Street Journal and noticed that, in the “Personal Journal” section, on pp. R4-R9, that newspaper — with the help of Times Higher Education — had provided its readers with a list of 497 American colleges ranked in light of endowment, likelihood that graduates would get a job, engagement, environment, average salary of graduates, and the like.