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A New and More Powerful Censorship Coming


The world we once knew has shifted into something many of us have never experienced, at least in the United States.  But you shout, we have protection! The US Constitution! The Bill of Rights! We are free to say and do as we please, framed within the Rule of Law created by our Founders for a day and time such as this.

Opportunity and abundance, along with many hardships, have given us advantages that many other countries only dream of. But power, control, and money have blinded those, as it always does, with the means to take away those freedoms while cloaked as sheep, trying to hide their fangs. We’ve seen this scenario many times before and it always starts with a vague, pleasing message and the urgent need for censorship.

Remembering 9/11 and Comparing Today


I remember 9/11 like most of you.  Time seemed to stop that day and the clock didn’t seem to resume for weeks and longer.  I was at my desk at work, and our receptionist came running through the front door and hollered, “Smitty – turn on the radio!  Something happened at the World Trade Center!”  I was known as Smitty because there were too many Lindas in my office.  I turned on the radio near my desk.  A plane had crashed into one of the towers. I thought like many that it was an accident, a control tower errored.  We were protected – how could it be anything else?

Another co-worker had a small, hand-held TV, and we huddled around it.  While the news and details were sketchy, another plane hit the second tower and I knew this was no accident.  Hell had descended in front of me on a hand-held TV.  I lived in Boston, and suddenly life changed.  Air space and Canadian borders closed.  We later learned a plane went down in Pennsylvania, diverted because it was headed for Washington, DC, and the courageous on board overcame the terrorists and it crashed in a field while those on board said goodbye on their cell phones.

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Dr. Robert Moynihan of “The Moynihan Letters” and “Inside The Vatican Magazine” sent out this letter about the Canadian Trucker crisis. It included a short and very moving video from one of the Canadian truckers.  He shared the video of the trucker reading the note from an eleven year old, who was so moved by […]

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Poland Fighting For Its Freedom – Why Doesn’t America?


Poland is fighting against a powerful tide – more like a tidal wave. The leadership is fighting for its sovereignty, freedom, and the heart and soul of a country that has suffered so much. Does that sound familiar?  The European Union is not amused.  Maybe it is because Poland only threw off the stranglehold of communism in 1989, and they remember the oppression.  That’s only 32 years ago.  Can you imagine for a moment if the United States was only free for the last 32 years?

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, in an October 18 letter to EU leaders:

Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal has ruled that Polish law takes precedence over European Union law. The landmark ruling, which seeks to reassert national sovereignty over certain judicial matters, has called into question the legitimacy of the EU’s supranational legal and political order.

Brave New World – Part II (Emphasis on Brave)


Writing this on the eve of 9/11, like all of you, I feel like I am in a brave new world. We just came from a so-so Mexican restaurant..  My first choice was a fresh grouper basket with slaw, but the tourists are still here in droves, and we couldn’t inch our way into any place serving seafood. Our naturally pretty Hispanic waitress had multi-colored hair wrapped in braids – pink, blue, purple, and yellow. Her arms were heavily tattooed, going up her neck. The tattoos were not new, yet she looked too young to have aging tats.  My new neighbor across the street has the same rainbow hair. I looked it up – a) rebellious b) fashion statement c) relating to the LGBTQ agenda d) signaling a multi-gender identity. Ok.  We now have a brave new world where gender is being questioned on birth certificates, taught to kindergarteners who know nothing except innocence.  Disney has even released a new Cinderella that features a fairy godmother that is essentially a gay man in high heels and a dress. Brave – cough – new world.

I wasn’t eavesdropping on the booth behind us, but it was a pile of kids and I couldn’t help hearing their woes about being stalked on social media by a loose character they all had to block.  A world lived online – people behind a wall – lots of opinions – harassment. Anonymous. They were laughing about it, but the conversation was disturbing.  Brave new world. 

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The latest so-called cyber hit landed on one of the U.S.’s biggest meat suppliers, JBL, today.   “The world’s largest meat processing company has resumed most production after a weekend cyberattack, but experts say the vulnerabilities exposed by this attack and others are far from resolved. Preview Open

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What Is Your ESG Credit Score?


Major banks are rolling out a new platform and their lending practices will be driven by your ESG score. ESG stands for your Environmental, Social, and Governance. What, you ask, does that mean? What you buy and sell, what charities you support, and your environmental impact are being tracked and translated into a score. I don’t know who the scorekeepers are, but Glenn Beck’s guest had a friend who checked his Merrill Lynch account, and he was quickly educated.He had a low score of 4.7 and didn’t understand how they arrived at that number.

No, this isn’t China, this is now being implemented here in the US, and it will affect whether you qualify for a car loan, a home loan, a business loan, or if you are a good credit risk if you are applying for other things, like a job. Did you buy a gun for example, or give to a particular political party candidate, or do you purchase meat? What kind of car do you drive, and how often do you drive it? Not kidding – this will have an impact on your freedom in the new world that is unfolding. A story in Forbes from 2019 explains it.

Money lenders are grading you by this new system because they are now being graded by the new system. Every company will be graded on their hiring practices and how many minorities and even diverse genders are hired, what their social and environmental footprint is, and they must prove it, as their scorecard will impact their ability to do business in the new world system. Their ideology is also being incorporated into education. From the World Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset,” being implemented into every sector, corner, and cell of our lives, these are the new rules.