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Okay, I admit it. My husband and I had been watching the show “Dancing with the Stars” for years. Gradually, I became more and more uncomfortable with the skimpy women’s costumes, and even the bare-chested men didn’t draw me back. But the show is now so decadent and repulsive that I’ve watched it for the […]

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Taking Things for Granted


Today I was reminded of how lazy I am about paying attention to life. The ordinary falls into a morass of the mundane, and I take many things for granted, even though at some level I know what a gift life is. Still, it’s so easy to trudge through a day, not noticing or enjoying those events and relationships that bless our lives. When I gave my life a bit more thought, I found I could divide my existence into two categories: the everyday and the sacred.

What everyday conditions do I take for granted?

–That my friends will stand by me; yet I don’t remind them very often about how much they mean to me. I take my good health for granted; I exercise regularly, but when my biological system went askew recently, I nearly panicked: I never get sick! (The malady has since disappeared.) And then there are the countless little things that my husband does; I often say thank-you, but if I don’t pay attention, it can be a perfunctory comment.