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Jonah Goldberg is a syndicated conservative columnist, political analyst, commentator, podcast host, and author of Bridget’s Bible: Suicide of the West. Jonah shares how his upbringing in a media and politics-heavy household shaped his future, and gave him a realistic perspective about politics and the media that most people don’t have. He and Bridget discuss the dangers a generation of children pose when they’ve been raised to believe that their feelings are the only source of authority they need, why middle-aged managers are terrified of their “woke” 20-something staffers, and how fragility is being taught rather than mental toughness. They cover young conservatives being led to believe that it’s cool to be a**holes, why not allowing people to grow or change their positions is not a good practice, how Americans are much richer than they realize, and why Twitter makes you feel like you’re living in a small town where everyone’s in your business. Check out his podcast The Remnant.

Full transcript available here: WiW67-JonahGoldberg-Transcript

Lab-Grown Long Pig?


The latest episode of The Remnant features Jonah Goldberg answering questions from listeners, including one about Jonah’s views on veganism and animal rights. In the answer to that question, they talk about lab-grown meat. As an aside, they note that scientists are close to growing lab-grown human meat.

Say wha..? Now, I haven’t investigated this at all, but the science of it is utterly irrelevant to what I’m about to ask: How would you react to lab-grown human meat produced for human consumption?