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But Always As Friends


My Nigeria, the one that died on January 15, 1966, celebrated its independence from British rule 58 years ago today, on October 1, 1960. I was six years old. We stayed in country for another three years, with Dad working for the Nigerian government, charged with cleaning up tribal rivalries and corruption in the ancient Emirate of Kano.

You may never have heard of the ancient walled city of Kano. If it’s at all familiar to you, it’s probably because it was featured in one of the first news stories in which the use of underage and intellectually compromised female suicide bombers came to the attention of the Western world, as they blew themselves, and dozens of others, up in Kano Market.

I loved Kano Market. My heart broke for it then, and breaks for it now. For my friends For the stalls. For the vendors. For the lepers. For the Berbers. For the goats. For the camels. For the indigo wells (OK, so sue me. I’m a crafter and a dyer.) For the smells (well, perhaps not for the smells). But especially, it breaks for the vulnerable victims of the bastards who prevail. For now. I pray that it is just “for now.”

Join Ricochet; Appear as Guest on Fox News


Shawn Buell on Real Story Gretchen CarlsonMaybe you’ve heard Rob Long or Peter Robinson, our illustrious founders, say that “Ricochet is read in the corridors of power,” but thought it sounded like a sales pitch. I’ll believe it when I see it, you said.

Don’t believe us? Ask Shawn Buell, aka Majestyk, whose Main Feed post yesterday, “Actual Analysis Indicates We Aren’t Doomed,” so interested Fox News that they asked him to come on The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson this afternoon.