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‘Close to the Edge of the Point of No Return’: 3 Important and Chilling Pieces


Family members call me Old Gloom’n’Doom, especially in recent years, for expressing what I see as evidence of the steady deterioration of the nation I love at the hands of the radical left. This process was obvious and incessant in the (interminable) time of “Russia! Russia! Russia!” and has intensified daily in the time of the single worst President in American history.

I have tried various antidotes to (try to) combat this dark time we are living through, for example, my new series searching for that rare commodity, good news — “The Pollyanna Reports” — but they have been unavailing in the face of such insults to the national psyche as Biden’s declaration of war on 74 million of his fellow countrymen, including me, a proud MAGA Republican. I worry that I am fast becoming obsessed with the all-encompassing tragedy of what is happening to our beloved nation.