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On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Libby Emmons, editor-in-chief of The Post Millennial, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss how the rampant wokeness promoted by unchecked leftism could be progressives’ downfall.

Saving our Children


The resolve of the Woke community to propagandize and control our children has continued to steamroller ahead, especially in the area of transgenderism. The Left is targeting them on multiple levels and in numerous venues, and we seem to be helpless to stop them. A recent article reminded me that since the Left is so determined to “follow the science,” science is one area to focus on to make sure that our children’s wellbeing is not permanently destroyed. I’ve also identified other steps we can take to at least slow down the transgender movement; at this moment, it seems like an out-of-control speeding train. But if we want to have a generation that can carry on a future that is moral and productive and to protect this country we cherish, we must act. Now.

Medical Facts

Acclaimed author Lionel Shriver joined Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky, Staff Editor Madeline Osburn, and Townhall Staff Writer Ellie Bufkin to discuss the demand for wokeness among fiction authors, and the recent glorification of the body in society. Shriver is the author of the new novel, “The Motion of The Body Through Space.

Shriver argued that the left now dictates how writers must assign their characters. For example, she said, all black characters must serve as exemplary, wise, and kindly role models within stories. The woke left has limited authors’ creativity and made books less interesting, she said, by setting a standard for each type of character.

The Federalist Co-founders Mollie Hemingway and Sean Davis discuss topics concerning American culture, specifically analyzing the mainstream media’s involvement in the recent defacement of historical monuments and handling of President Trump’s Fourth of July speech at Mount Rushmore.

Davis said the mainstream media has proven they will take anything that is good news for the country, because it is also a positive reflection on the president, and distort or ignore the story.  The statue destruction, Hemingway said, which began as a movement led by rioters about removing Confederate statues, was quickly compounded by the mainstream media’s defense of toppling prominent American figures such as the Founding Fathers.

Comedian Ryan Long joined host Ben Domenech to discuss cancel culture within the comedy industry and Long’s perspective on the recent protests. Long’s work can be found in his podcast “The Boyscast with Ryan Long” or on his YouTube channel.

Long argued the hypocrisy of woke white women demanding change for women and transgenders has moved the political conversation far away from the original discussion of police brutality and racial equality. The left, more generally, has taken an issue that began with a specific need for change and escalated it to involve many unrelated, larger issues.

Member Post


Most of us know the criteria for being declared a member of the Left: one must live in an altered state of one’s own making; one must see himself or herself as an elite and anyone who doesn’t meet his or her standards are deplorable; one must defame those who are different, calling them Nazis, […]

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Tyranny of Language


The efforts to slur, silence and punish people who refuse to kowtow to the Leftist agenda are increasing. With the talk of socialism, the Left continues to try to control our thinking, stop our discussions and attack any ideas that differ from their own. Recently I noticed a use of language that surprised and alarmed me. I’d like to briefly summarize their actions to date, and then share the most recent attacks on what we say and do.

One of the earliest efforts to control the language, and in particular to castigate people who disagreed with them, appeared as political correctness:

Professor Frank Ellis at the University of Sheffield noted the term ‘political correctness’ was first used in the late 19th to the early 20th century when Vladimir Lenin began his rise to power. Ellis said that Marxist-Leninists and Maoists placed a heavy preeminence on being ideologically correct, both politically and theoretically. Essentially, a ‘forum for discussion,’ as Ellis described it, would impede the revolutionary spirit needed to upend the social order.

Quote of the Day: Heretics and Converts


“As the old saying has it, the left looks for heretics and the right looks for converts, and both find what they’re looking for. The effect is no doubt subliminal, but people who treat you like crap are, over time, less persuasive than people who don’t. If people on the Left are so unhappy about how many former allies are changing their views, perhaps they should examine how those allies are treated.” – Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit)

Reynolds wrote this over a decade ago, during the early years of Instapundit. Yet I believe it remains true today, and is one reason I believe the Democrats will lose the 2020 election bigly. They are alienating too many people, and alienating them at an increasing rate. They are attacking their own allies, too, over minor differences in dogma.

Using Children as Political Pawns


Most people would laugh if you suggested that in spite of the perception that child sacrifice has ended, it hasn’t. A person need only look at the way the immigrant children are being used to know that figuratively, child sacrifice for the political Left is alive and well.

You might think I’m using hyperbole, but there is a history of the Left using and manipulating children for politics, and these practices are getting worse. Does anyone remember which Democratic National Convention planted children at the podium who despaired about the effects of climate change? They were being used to call out the potential end of the world if we didn’t all take action. Or what about the children who were taught songs about President Obama?

QOTD: The Political Scapegoat


“In order to see yourself and your group as all good, you have to project the evil you are unable to acknowledge in yourself onto an external entity: some other group, the ones not like us. The stronger the cognitive dissonance, the more intense will be the projection. The other becomes the embodiment of evil. This then gives rise to the pathology of victimhood and is the ultimate source of scapegoating: ‘It wasn’t us, it was them.’ From this flowed rivers of blood of human sacrifice throughout the ages. They still do today.” — Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Covenant and Conversation

In this book, Rabbi Sacks explains how the meaning of “scapegoat” has come to mean precisely its opposite. In ancient times, two identical male goats were selected: one was to be sacrificed to G-d, the other was taken by the High Priest who took the sins of the Jewish people and placed them on the second goat, which was then sent into the desert to Azazel, where the goat would plunge to its death.

Scapegoating came to have a particularly ominous quality. In olden times, a person could be held guilty and killed to preserve the group. Rabbi Sacks describes this thinking as “one of the most vicious ideas ever to disfigure the human mind.”

Violence of the Left: Are We at a Tipping Point?


The irrationality of the Left, abetted by a hateful and biased media, is mind-boggling. Over the last couple of years, we’ve watched violent demonstrations on college campuses, Republicans accosted in restaurants, Antifa ignored when they attack peaceful demonstrators, media distortions and piling on to support the Left. And then there was the assassination attempt of Steve Scalise, with the intent to kill other members of Congress. We’ve been watching, frustrated and incapable of stopping the violence of the Left. We’re beginning to understand that the danger is real:

It’s beginning to dawn on many Americans that some mayors, police chiefs, and college presidents have no interest in stopping this violence. Left-wing officials sympathize with the lawbreakers; and the police, who rarely sympathize with thugs of any ideology, are ordered to do nothing by emasculated police chiefs. Consequently, given the abdication by all these authorities of their role to protect the public, some members of the public will inevitably decide that they will protect themselves and others.

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In her latest podcast, D.C. McAllister (@dcmcallister) speaks of her recent experiences on Twitter and calls for conservatives to carry on the fight in the culture war. Conservatives must never back down against the left’s relentless assault on marriage, the family, religion, and other traditional institutions that are the bedrock of America’s greatness. Preview Open

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You read the title correctly—I used the term boundary instead of border, although my ideas not only have to do with the crisis at the border, but also the violations of other norms of boundary management. Let me explain my definition of boundary management and the reasons it’s worth analyzing in terms of America and […]

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The Condescension Explosion


The very idea of condescension has always filled me with disgust. Actually, rage is probably the better word. The very idea that someone thought he was better than me, and would therefore feel all warm inside, by telling me what I can and cannot do, was not likely a prescription that was guaranteed to keep my blood pressure under control.

You can say the whole Leftist idea is one of condescension. These people really do think they are better than others. They are the anointed ones, the “experts,” who know how society should be run for the benefit of all.

Destroying a Man’s Life


What is the value of a man’s soul? What is the worth of a man’s reputation? Most of us would say that both are priceless: the first is a gift from G-d, the second created by the toil and sweat of the person who lives a productive and honorable life.

But the Left believes the destruction of a reputation and soul is inconsequential if they determine the cause is just.

And thus they have decided to sacrifice Brett Kavanaugh.

Taking Stock and Surviving the Miasma


The political atmosphere has become suffocating; sometimes it’s a good idea to come up for air, to try to gain perspective and to reflect on whether we are headed in a productive direction or about to fall off a cliff.

Trying to make sense of the times is nearly impossible. How does one make sense of life in the middle of chaos? The rancor has been intensified by obstinacy, the outrage colored by disbelief. All the stories point in the direction of violence and an ongoing desire for retribution. The irony of these descriptions is that they point to both sides of the political equation. The Left and Right, for different reasons, are contributing to the disruption: I believe that one side is poisoning politics and governance; the other is trying to stop that movement and transcend it.

The Left has become a malicious, vengeful, and hysterical part of the population. Its main sickness is, I believe, entitlement. We often talk about the entitlement of the populace, but I believe it actually began with our ruling elite. The elite of the Left believes that it is entitled to rule — not govern, but rule. They operate out of a deluded idealism that they use to justify their modes of operation: denigrating, demonizing, and destroying whatever slows them down. They will persecute the Right and subjugate blacks. If protests lead to violence, it’s the fault of the Right. Almost any type of behavior on their part is justified: lying, deception, defamation and terrorizing. The Left is willing to do whatever it takes, relying on its delusions of superiority and the hatred of the Right.

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. . . the special interest groups which form the left worldwide get their panties (jocks?) in a wad about the other groups from time to time.  Here’s this tidbit from across The Pond: https://pjmedia.com/trending/lesbians-blame-transgenderism-for-conversion-therapy-and-rape-culture-at-london-pride-parade/ Preview Open

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Clinging to Utopia


The hysteria of the political Left seems to be growing and intensifying. Does anyone else believe this is happening? In my lifetime (although I’ve only followed politics for the last 20 years), I’ve seen the ranting of the Left rise and fall, but these times feel different. I’ve been thinking about the possible explanation for this phenomenon, and I’d like to hear your perspective. I’m going to begin by contrasting the conflicting views of the Left and the Right.

From my own observations, certain characteristics seem to be true for most of the people on the Left. A big part of their suffering comes from their holding to conflicting ideas and not recognizing their inconsistencies. For example, they are idealists and believe that all of society should strive for a Utopian existence, which has led them to embrace Marxist ideas (whether they admit it or not). We should all be treated as equals (unless we disagree with them), celebrate all cultures (except our own), and share society’s wealth with each other. Unfortunately, the Left also believes in not only the perfectibility of the world, but the perfectibility of men; they refuse to recognize that we are not only guided by reason, but we are emotional and unpredictable creatures. When we fickle human beings don’t cooperate with and participate in their endeavors, they become insulted and incensed.

Even though people are capricious, the Left believes they can straighten us out.

Why the Left Needs an Underclass


International news reports that the Muslim immigrant population in Europe has clearly become the continent’s outcasts. I believe this development is due in part to the violence and isolation of certain Muslims; it is also due to the left’s need for an underclass. As I thought about the nature of an underclass, however, I realized that many on the left demand an underclass in our own country.

Before the Civil War and to some degree afterward, the African-American population was America’s underclass. Once slavery was abolished, and even before in many cases, blacks as a group began to find their way, becoming literate, educated, and finding work. By the 1950s the group was emerging out of their role as an underclass and joining the middle class. But the political class of the left was not happy about their success.

The left decided it needed to “help” our black population. Without going into the details of welfare, US policy essentially created an underclass. Rather than celebrate and publicize the accomplishments of our black citizens, the left was committed to create the illusion of a helpless, hopeless class of people: we were losing our underclass with the progress of blacks, and a new underclass needed to be created.

The Worm Ouroboros: Leftist Eating Habits


The title for this post is stolen from a novel of the same name by E.R. Eddison wherein the Lords of Goblinland, Impland, Witchland and Pixyland war with one another in unceasing plots and, like many Norse and Icelandic inspired mythologies, tend to rinse, lather and then repeat endlessly. It’s a great read if you can stomach the sometimes awkward writing style and thick language.

In any case, my post isn’t actually about that novel. The image of the worm eating its own tail is an old one, and one that in most cases references the endless and cyclical nature of time. There is nothing new under the sun, so to speak. The image in my mind recently has been of a creature devouring itself and complaining and moaning about how much each bite hurts.

A friend of mine (my Best friend too), with whom I have run a business for the last five years, and for whom I now serve on that business’s board of directors called me a few weeks ago to say hello. That, and a few other things. Among the first words he said to me were: