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Last Train


Seeing a mass of armed, uniformed men called into a movement by a single, laconic demand, one inevitably began to grow curious about the individuals that made it up. The outstanding property you discover, is the readiness with which he can change personalities. For example, follow a couple of soldiers off duty down the street, any street in Germany. You admire their bronzed, smiling faces and the way they walk loosely and gracefully as athletes. They’re completely human beings.

This is the story of an American student, working his way overseas in 1936 to visit Europe. The cheapest country for his cash is Germany, which just unveiled an interesting new government. Our student is curious and proceeds with the backing of a journalistic education and support of teachers and friends.

The excerpt is from The Last Train From Berlin by Howard K. Smith, copyright 1942. Let’s continue from the same book.

California State of Dysfunction


I’ve lived in California since 1964 except for a two-year tour of duty in 1990. I had started Kindergarten in Lansing, MI (where I wept every morning to the growing frustration of the teacher), but within ten weeks of having arrived to live with my grandparents and my dad to begin his job with the Lansing Parks Department, we were once again packing up the homemade trailer and heading for Sacramento.

Brown-the-father was the governor, the State of California’s government footprint was tiny, and the population was some fraction of what it is today.

Although I was born in Kittery, ME (or Portsmouth, NH, depending upon which records you have), I discovered during my two-year tour of duty on my beloved east coast … that I am by nature a California girl. That means I love the climate, the beauty of the mountains, the cold winds of the northern coast, and the spirit of the artists that barely remain in Mendocino. As for the politics, I wasn’t paying attention much until I retired. My bad.

Member Post


Posted to another feed on April 6, 2022. This was the first post of what I imagined would be a multi-part series. The rate of change and the velocity of new research items hitting my inbox bowled me over. The subsequent post explains more and I think this is still worth posting here on the […]

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While You Were Watching Afghanistan, This Aired on 60 Minutes


Amazon testing a driverless truck.

In case you missed the “60 Minutes” segment on driverless trucks, you need to catch up. Just last weekend, a very interesting segment dated August 15 caught my eye. A story emerged about driverless trucks, semis, that transport all our goods and services, and employ millions of truckers in our country. What was so bizarre about the story was the lack of awareness by the truckers themselves, their unions, their industry, about this so-called “quiet” testing of driverless big rigs on the road.

We all see the big transporters on the highways delivering the very lifeblood of our nation’s products — food, building supplies, car parts — everything that we use to function as a nation. Unbeknownst to the truckers, driverless trucks, guided by AI — sophisticated computer systems that include WI-FI and GPS — are guiding these big rigs down American highways at high rates of speed (of course, observing the speed limit), while also recording the license plates around them, and everything else.