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On January 6, 2017, the votes submitted by this year’s electoral college will be counted. As we’ve known now for weeks, Faith Spotted Eagle will wind up just 269 electoral votes short of the 270 she needed for the presidency. And also, Donald Trump will assuredly be the 45th president of the United States The […]

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The Daily Show, RIP


yoo_torture-and-stewartBoth conservative and liberal commentators are marking the passing of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, the premier liberal talk show on television. My appearance in January 2010 has been offered as one of the few examples where a conservative beat Stewart at his own game (which Stewart conceded on his show the following day). Conservatives praise the appearance (see Dorothy Rabinowitz in today’s Wall Street Journal and Gerard Alexander in the New York Times), while liberals feel I got off too easy (see Time’s website).

I’m bemused that, of the thousands of episodes that Stewart has done with probably just as many guests, my amateur appearance has taken on such mythic status. I enjoy thinking of the all the hate mail that Stewart received from lefties who accused him of taking a dive in our mano-a-mano cage match. There are some lessons here for conservatives who have to respond to a hostile media:

1. Know your material. It is no idle boast to say that I knew the issues about interrogation, Gitmo, drones, and the War on Terror better than Stewart. He could ask questions that young producers prepared, but he didn’t have the time or interest to study up. A host may want to use the opportunity to score with a snarky comment, but you have the chance to deflate them by laying out your arguments with sweet reason.

‘Daily Show’ Names New Host, Outrrrage Ensues


trevor-noahComedy Central has named a replacement for Daily Show host Jon Stewart and, no, you haven’t heard of him. Trevor Noah is a 31-year-old South African comedian who has appeared on American TV a handful of times and hosted a late-night show in his home country.

The most important question on the minds of The Daily Show faithful: “Is he progressive?” Upon the announcement of his new gig, Noah assured reporters that he won’t waver from liberal orthodoxy. “We are both progressives,” he said about Stewart and himself. “I’ll bring something different because I’m different, but because it’s a team, it’ll be the same as well.” The same but different; that’s a relief.

The far less important question was, “Is he funny?” Well, when Nelson Mandela is listed as a guy’s top comedic influence, you know he’s going to bring the laughs. Here’s the first Noah routine that popped up on You Tube: