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The woman who would be matriarch of the new oligarchs was actually asked a real question by a CBS reporter. Let’s watch and listen together and then discuss.


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Time to put some flares down. Just a little something to infuriate you today. Saddleback College in south Orange County, CA (the same school my Autistic son attended for their Adult Transition Program) refuses to back down on its claim that Marcus Knight, an Autistic student with cerebral palsy who asked a female student for a fist bump and another for a selfie, violated the young women’s Title IX rights because they were essentially “inappropriate” (read: sexually intimidating) acts. The more you read this article, the angrier you may become (emphasis mine below).

The first incident occurred in the first week of September when Marcus was in the Student Services office and asked a female student working there if he could “fist bump” her. She agreed but soon filed a Title IX complaint.