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Brittany Schmitt, stand-up comedian and entrepreneur, talks with Bridget about filling the void within yourself, the dark side of comedy, getting a DUI and how it changed her life, and the decision behind getting sober – realizing she was wasting her life. Don’t miss their worst stand-up bomb stories, why giving in to the desire to do nothing can sometimes be healthy, how sitting in sadness and defeat can allow you to build grit and resilience, and why you should never doubt your ability to make huge changes in your life. They discuss the fact that enough is never enough and the desire to always want more is evolutionary, but if you start your day asking what you can give rather than wondering what you can get, you will change your life. Be sure to check out Ho2Go, Brittany’s new company, a kit for when you go hard, but don’t go home – taking the shame out of the walk of shame.

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Brian Moses, stand-up comic, creator and co-producer of Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, defender of un-politically correct speech and hilarious individual, talks with Bridget about getting started in stand-up in San Diego, the period when he was living out of his car, the reality of white privilege, and why humanity might not be old enough to believe in God. He and Bridget cover the cultural appropriation of Jesus, that Bridget believes in past lives, ghosts and aliens because they make life more interesting, and how trying to make it in LA is almost like being in an abusive relationship and/or living with a disease. Don’t miss their definition of “making it,” Moses’s ambition to continue progressing and raising the bar in the comedy genre, and why as a black man, he loves the Orwellian surveillance in the UK.

**Warning** This episode is not for the easily offended.