Tag: The Borgias were amatuers compared to this crowd

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Those that breathe the rarified air of Washington DC are not like you and me. You know it, and they know it. Both Republicans and Democrats are circling the wagons to protect Joe Biden, and by extension Hillary Clinton, as well as Barak Obama. Donald Trump at times punches below the belt and the professional politicians and journalists are horrified. The elites are used to practicing the dark arts of cashing in on their influence out of the public view, they are not used to taking body blows in the public arena.

The parasites in the media world, you know the types that want to attend all the right parties on the cocktail circuit, have a vested interest in keeping the party going. There are others that attach themselves to the right people. The audible sighs of relief when Jeffery Epstein was found dead in his cell put out more carbon dioxide than 10 coal plants. No more wasting time checking their personal calendars on past trips taken on the Lolita Express, or trying to remember if they left anything to include DNA on Fantasy Island.