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Who’s Responsible for Educating the Public about COVID-19?


My husband went to get his hair cut this morning. His hairdresser — ahem, barber — is an 80-year-old woman originally from Cuba. And a lefty. I don’t know how the conversation started, but she was beside herself about the coronavirus. Of course, it was Trump’s fault, he was mismanaging the whole situation, what in the world was Pence doing managing the emergency team — you get the drift. She was on her way to get hand purifier (which is probably not in the stores anymore) and masks (which she may never need and won’t work). My husband tried to calm her by telling her the facts. She was not interested; after all, as much as she likes my husband, he’s a member of enemy forces!

Wednesday night, Fox News ran the latest press conference given by Pence’s team, not only providing up-to-date information on the virus, advising pre-cautionary measures to take, and answering stupid questions from the press, but promising to update the public regularly. Unfortunately, the conference was only broadcast on Fox News and CNN. I don’t know who will continue to broadcast these presentations.