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Tuesday evening the PM announced that the greater Manchester area would be given the Third Tier Lockdown treatment. And for Toby and James the one thing this situation has done is highlight the divide between England and the devolved nations of the “United” Kingdom.

It has also highlighted the power struggle between the elected and the unelected in government, namely S.A.G.E. (the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), which at this point should probably be renamed C.Y.A.. In the end it has made James and Toby relieved to be married (although not to each other,) especially given that Boris’s new lockdown rules mean couples that live apart can only meet outside.

James attended  Saturday’s anti-lockdown march in Trafalgar Square and tells Toby about the aggressive behavior of the riot police. The government’s contact tracing app turns out to be a real abomination and university students are now paying for the privilege of being locked in their residency halls with the threat of losing £8,500 (US$10,914) if they stray. Will they really vote Tory in the future? How about Laurence Fox’s new party?

Also, Toby praises Tehran on Apple TV+ and James finally gets stuck into The Boys Season 2.

In this AEI Events Podcast, Vice Admiral (Ret.) Mark Fox and Lt. Gen. Thomas J. Trask discuss how Iran pursues its foreign policy goals and conducts warfare in the Middle East. Both guests, along with AEI’s Frederick W. Kagan and J. Matthew McInnis, explain how they expect to see Tehran expand its methods in coming years.

The speakers agree that Iran masters asymmetric warfare, such as support for proxies, and thus will use increased resources to expand these operations. Lt. Gen. Trask, currently vice commander of the US Special Operations Command, highlights the importance of J. Matthew McInnis’ monograph “The Future of Iran’s Security Policy,” particularly its value to military planners and policymakers who need insight into Iranian strategic capabilities and thinking. Lt. Gen. Trask calls the monograph mandatory reading for all planners at the Special Operations Command.

The Latest on the ISIS Attacks in Iran


With the press limitations in Iran, details remain sketchy, but here’s what we know about the first terror attack in Iran by ISIS.

On Wednesday morning, gunmen dressed as women entered the Iranian parliament carrying Kalashnikovs. They fought their way into the highly secured building an waged an hours-long assault. Government forces surrounded the area as TV coverage showed people, including children, escaping from windows. Audio has been released indicating heavy intermittent gunfire from a variety of weapons.

ISIS quickly took credit for the attack, but Iran’s Revolutionary Guards blamed their regional foe Saudi Arabia. (At least they didn’t blame Israel.) Despite initial reports to the contrary, Iranian media claimed there was never a hostage situation, adding that four attackers will killed.

One More Helicopter


iran_hostagesDuring a recent press conference to discuss his cancer diagnosis, Jimmy Carter was asked about his presidency and what he would have done differently:

“I wish I’d sent one more helicopter to get the hostages and we would have rescued them and I would have been re-elected,” Carter said. His response elicited laughter from the audience …

If you watch the video, it seems he’s joking a bit. Perhaps it only seems. James Earl Carter left the White House thirty-four and half years ago. To have provoked so immediate a response suggests that the failure of Operation Eagle Claw has been preying on his mind for decades. There is no phrase in the English language so terrible as “If only I’d…”