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Crises of Climate


Over at Bad Astronomy, Phil Plait forecasts impending doom now that the committees that oversee NASA and NOAA (The National Atmospheric Administration) will be chaired, respectively, by Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Plait’s primary cause for concern is that both men are climate change “deniers” (a “staunch denier” in Cruz’s case). More specifically, he cites both of them saying that global warming has paused for more than a decade. As Cruz puts it in an interview Plait embeds:

Ted Cruz Updates Cicero for President Obama


In the great sweep of history, President Obama’s executive overreach is nothing new. While it’s a unique threat to the American Constitution, throughout human history vain executives have tried to grab undue power while bold leaders have tried to push them back.

Always one to seize a moment, Sen. Ted Cruz updated a two-millennia old speech by Marcus Tullius Cicero. Considered one of Rome’s greatest orators, Cicero served as Consul when a senator named Catiline attempted to kill him and overthrow the Republic. Cicero exposed the plot with a powerful speech — one that Senator Cruz repackages here, updated with a few modern touches:

Let Tuesday Come


shutterstock_114656170Mark Steyn, writing over at National Review last year, on the fall of Detroit:

To any American time-transported from the mid 20th century, the city’s implosion would be literally incredible: Were he to compare photographs of today’s Hiroshima with today’s Detroit, he would assume Japan won the Second World War after nuking Michigan….

Americans sigh and say, “Oh, well, Detroit’s an ‘outlier.'” It’s an outlier only in the sense that it happened here first. The same malign alliance between a corrupt political class, rapacious public-sector unions, and an ever more swollen army of welfare dependents has been adopted in the formally Golden State of California, and in large part by the Obama administration, whose priorities — “health” “care” “reform,” “immigration” “reform” — are determined by the same elite/union/dependency axis.

Foreign Policy President Needed: Any Republicans Qualified?


5203873918_7fc7c3833d_zBarack Obama seems too rigid, narrow-minded, and ideologically obsessed with transforming America to learn from his foreign policy failures. As such, I think we can assume that our enemies — China, Russia, Iran, ISIS, and North Korea — have all taken his measure and will aggressively pursue their interests via political/military aggression in the near future.

If that happens, the next president will be handed a mess in foreign policy, as well as a looming debt crisis. (Hillary, recognizing this, is furiously trying to simultaneously distance herself from Obama’s disastrous policies, while emphasizing her experience as Secretary of State; it might work).

Republicans will need a nominee who is credible and well-versed in foreign policy. But is this true of any of them? Rick Perry recently visited China to gain some credibility and experience. Chris Christie, who in the past shrugged off foreign policy questions as inappropriate for a mere governor to comment on, has criticized Obama for ignoring ISIS’ rise. However, I don’t find any of the other possibilities — Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio — are particularly strong in this area (though I’m happy to be corrected).

A Tale of Two Texans


An operative slogan in the Reagan White House was “personnel is policy.” Thus it’s worthwhile to note two very different sets of personnel decisions last week by two very similar Republican 2016 presidential candidates.

First, Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry has been burnishing his image since his disastrous 2012 run, developing some foreign policy chops, wooing the conservative grassroots, and spending time with some domestic policy wonks too. He’s been building a reputation as an effective executive and touting his role in Texas’s economic outperformance. Breitbart collects reports that Governor Perry has made some new hires (emphasis added):

Sen. Ted Cruz: Ricochet Fan


I’m wrapping up a week in Washington, D.C., where I attended an excellent Future of Media conference sponsored by the Franklin Center and the Heritage Foundation. Tuesday night featured the third annual Andrew Breitbart Awards, which honored citizen journalists and was keynoted by Greg Gutfeld (who killed it, of course). As Wednesday’s sessions wrapped up, the Republican National Committee offered about a dozen of us the chance to meet Sen. Ted Cruz in his office.

Even in this casual session, Sen. Cruz showcased his in-depth knowledge of myriad subjects. After 15 minutes or so his staff insisted he get to the Senate floor for a vote. Before leaving, I introduced myself and said I wrote for Ricochet.com. He praised the site, smiled broadly and said, “you wrote a parody about how I was a bully.”

Member Post


Alternate-Side Parking is a semi-regular, once or twice a week, podcast. Each episode lasts approximately as long as it takes for me to find a new alternate-side parking space in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, plus however long I feel like sitting in the driver’s seat. In today’s special driving-driving-to-the-airport-to-pick-my-wife edition of the podcast, […]

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Ted ‘Bully’ Cruz: Bad Boy of the U.S. Senate


Ted CruzThe secret is out.

Unable to maintain the storied façade of Senate collegiality, Majority Leader Harry Reid reluctantly spoke a dark truth about newly minted Senator Ted Cruz. “My friend from Texas is like a schoolyard bully,” Reid said from the Senate floor, more in sadness than in anger.

It took the most powerful man in Congress to say publicly what many nervous senators have said privately about the “very junior senator from Texas.” I have cataloged the most shocking allegations of bullying, intimidation and alpha-male unseemliness from the tumultuous first months of Senator Ted Cruz: