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Exhibit A in Technocratic Arrogance


Yesterday, The Atlantic published an interview with the Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti, whose portraits of Americans posing with their guns have become a hot commodity on Twitter following the shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde. Galimberti’s work, like the work of most documentarians (such as Camilo José Vergara, Chris Arnade, and Mark Laita), is consumed mainly by journalists and Bryn Mawr Ph.Ds and people who listen to NPR. As if touring the Mütter Museum, they gawk at the fascinating and pitiful and deformed specimens of humanity and wonder, “Me, oh my. How could it go so wrong?”

But piling on his subjects is unfair, Galimberti thinks:

Changing America – The World is Noticing


“The Europeanized USA” by Dr. Alex Joffe, published at the BESA Institute, is worth your time. This story sums up, in a not-so-tasty nut-shell, how the last bastion of the Free World, The “United” States of America, is doing, and how both our allies and enemies are viewing our current “situation” (demise).  Here’s the opening:

“America is undergoing a rapid transformation founded in a moral panic over race that masks the exercise of class-based power in which technology companies and left-wing politics have united to wield unprecedented control. The outcome will likely be a union of Europeanized states where freedoms are severely curtailed and social cohesion is minimized in favor of dependency.”   A slap in the face of Lady Liberty at best, who welcomed our ancestors to her shores –  a place of safety and freedom, based on a Declaration, and a Constitution, written with the blood of patriots, and the courage of those that fled the tyrannical control from another continent.  At its worst, the imports of slavery and inequality, who saw its imperfections and ugliness, through MLK and JFK and sought a path of reconciliation and opportunity – paths only found in a free society.

Member Post


  I have written breathlessly, for my Ricochet audience, about the protests that led to the fall of the PM & his government, creatures of the party that nevertheless runs the bicameral legislature. There is great embarrassment in the country now. Again, there are thousands of people protesting in the streets of Bucharest, so rapidly […]

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