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Does Trump Have a Plan for Israel and the Palestinians?


When Trump first started to campaign, his statements about the Israel-Palestinian conflict were contradictory and unclear. I think he was trying to find his footing on this complicated and controversial subject. If we look at the journey we’ve all taken with him, we might draw some interesting projections about the future. I’d like to reflect on some of the highlights of his candidacy and his time as President regarding his actions on Israel and the Palestinians.

During his candidacy, he told the Republican National Convention regarding the peace process, “I alone can fix it.” But The Atlantic pointed out:

…the peace process is not a matter of willpower, and it’s not a matter of one person, even the U.S. president. Trump seemed to finally start to grasp just how advanced the level of difficulty on this is while giving remarks with Netanyahu later on Monday night [May 2017].

Our Government at Its Dirty Work


I should have known better. This past August, Lindsay Graham spoke out about a bill that was being proposed, named after a young man named Taylor Force, who had been killed by Palestinian terrorists. The bill would stop funds going from the US to the Palestinians; these funds were being used to pay off terrorists and their families.

I was thrilled to hear yesterday that the bill was passed by the House of Representatives and was being sent to the Senate. Only the bill that was passed is a waste of time and a huge disappointment.

Originally, the bill was intended to reduce funds in proportion to the amount the Palestinian Authority paid to the terrorists and their families. And it also required that the PA acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

US Tax Dollars Fund Terrorists


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

On March 8, 2016, Taylor Force, a 28-year-old West Point graduate and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, was visiting Israel with members of his graduate class from Vanderbilt University when a Palestinian terrorist attacked civilians in Jaffa with a knife. Force was killed, and 10 others, including a pregnant woman, were wounded. The next day, the terrorist who killed Force, Bashar Masalha, was praised as a “hero and martyr” by the Fatah party (which is overseen by Mahmoud Abbas). He was given a hero’s funeral and thousands attended.