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Is Fauci Pushing a Fraud?


“Doctor” Fauci, and I use that term loosely, is a serial fraudster. He is now a center-left establishment political hack wrapped in a lab coat. He must be confronted with his conspicuous silences, contrasted with his emphatic pronouncements. He owns the deaths of thousands, possibly tens of thousands by now. He owns permanent harm to millions of Americans already. So far, only Senator Rand Paul has called him and his Coronavirus cabal on a piece of their perfidy. . . not that I have any strong feelings on the matter.

Even Republican governors have collaborated in the latest chapter of the long scam. They were all silent on the danger of mass “protests.” Yet, they were all over churches and businesses. Their latest pronunciations entirely ignore or obscure the likely role of leftist mass gatherings in the name of “social justice.” Instead, these cowards point the finger at young adults freely associating in bars and on the water. Never mind that everybody knows the other health risks from the bar/party scene are significantly higher, but that never drove bar bans before.

The whole spin on young people is aimed at supporting BLM and the DNC by avoiding and obscuring the mass protest/riot events’ COVID-19 spike causality. Fraudster Fauci was silent, absolutely silent, when the massive riots started. He was as silent about that leftist project as he was about Gov. Killer Cuomo driving the deaths of thousands of vulnerable seniors with his criminally negligent order to nursing homes in March. Fauci is a serial fraudster at this point. He mouths only that which might help Joe Biden win, not objective “science,” let alone “public health.” Everybody knows.

States around the country are starting to re-open their businesses. What does all of this mean? Join Charlotte as she explains Phase One of the White House Coronavirus Task Force’s re-opening plan to kids! She also talks about the news of the week and answers questions from kids all over America!