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Join Jim and Greg as they unload on teachers’ unions for rejecting CDC guidelines for schools and demanding even more money from taxpayers as they refuse to embrace in-person learning. They also rebuke President Biden for immediately demanding gun control legislation in the wake of mass shootings. They also welcome Sen. Joe Manchin’s opposition to such legislation but are cautious since Manchin could go wobbly at any moment on any issue. And they also have quite a bit to say after  Senators Tammy Duckworth and Mazie Hirono briefly vow not to confirm any future Biden nominees unless they are minorities or gay.

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I won’t claim to be an astute* student of politics, nor am I a fan of Amy Klobuchar.  It does seem to me, though, that she did a pretty smart thing by withdrawing her name from the VP consideration.  Assuming that Mumblin’ Joe wins in November, the 47th president is going to be facing a […]

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After  a week off, the crew is back and have an in-depth conversation about:

  • Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech and the media’s awful portrayal of it
  • Sen. Tammy Duckworth’s characterization of the speech is a total lie
  • Cancel culture and the goofy claim it doesn’t exist and what the future holds

There is no magazine this week, so the guys will talk about their top picks in the next issue!

Will a Mark Kirk Victory Keep the Senate in GOP Hands?


Official PortraitPiggybacking off yesterday’s post from Canadian Cincinnatus on hotly-contested US Senate races, Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois faces a formidable challenger in Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth. Kirk squeaked by in 2010, helped by a contentious race for governor at the top of the ballot. Even though the gubernatorial election was lost, Kirk received enough help from it to carry him to his first victory, though in a squeaker: he won 1,779,000 votes to his opponent’s 1,719,000 (the gubernatorial election was similarly close). And let’s recall that 2010 was a good year for Republicans.

Let’s jump ahead to 2014. In the governor’s race that year, we had a much stronger Republican, Bruce Rauner, who won a slightly-more-comfortable victory with 1,823,627 votes to the Democratic incumbent’s 1,681,343. But while Rauner has been fighting for deep structural reforms to the state government, Kirk has been working against conservatives and Republicans in Washington. Kirk thinks his victory in 2010 and Rauner’s in 2014 means he can do well this year, but Rauner’s attention and resources have been spent elsewhere, and the governor has generally been quiet about the US Senate race. It’s not without reason.

Turing to this year’s Senate primary results, Rep. Duckworth received 1,220,128 votes in a three-way race where 1,859,257 were cast. Kirk, meanwhile, faced a single challenger (whose name I had never seen until I voted) and won only 931,619 votes (70 percent) out of 1,320,190 cast. Kirk’s votes look even less impressive when you compare it to those in the presidential primaries held on the same day. Short version: Of the Republicans who showed up to vote on primary day, only 65 percent voted to re-nominate for their incumbent senator to retain his seat.