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What If..?


The fears and hesitation that are being expressed by some of us on the Right are cringeworthy. The list of concerns is piling up, and it’s always a valuable strategy to plan for the future; but we must stop developing rhetoric and actions that paralyze us when we worry about what might happen in the future. This kind of talk is stultifying, contagious and if we are serious about fighting back against the government’s attacks on our freedom, we have to reframe what is happening. Just what am I hearing?

  • The Left will initiate riots if Roe v. Wade is limited or eliminated.
  • I’ll lose my job if I don’t comply with my employer’s mandates.
  • The government will resort to more lockdowns and other mandates.
  • The container ships stuck in the harbor will ruin our Christmas.
  • The cost of gas will limit my Christmas shopping and other expenses.
  • The new variant will cause a panic.
  • They will try to close the schools.
  • If Roe v. Wade is revoked, they will try to take our guns.

This is only a partial list; I’m sure many of you could point to other fears that are being expressed. And it’s understandable that we are alarmed about the potential freedom-limiting actions that could be tried over the next few months. But we can’t let our fear cause us to pull back or remain silent. None of these possibilities are etched in stone.

So what should we do?