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Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. Meeting Larry Correia


Last week, Terry @kaladin and I met up in Layton, UT with Randy Weivoda @randyweivoda (and his lovely wife, Sarah), Katie Koppelman @katiekoppelman, OmegaPaladin @omegapaladin, and Rupert err.. Ruder err.. Rooster err.. Rudert @jasonrudert.

Most of us were attending SpikeCon, which was a collection of several different nerd conventions all rolled into one delightful convention. There were a variety of panels, an art show, a cosplay show, book signings from several of your favorite authors, and my favorite: beer. The convention was located at the Davis Conference Center inside the Hilton Garden Inn. There were several items up for a charity auction, both silent and not-so-silent, including books, art, and a few other things, such as a chance to play a tabletop RPG with none other than Larry Correia.