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Israel vs. Hezbollah/Syria/Iran–Just how bad are things getting in the Middle East? Lindsey Graham’s terrifying report.

Reason Magazine’s Jacob Sullum on whether we should give cops the power to detain without a warrant to stop gun crimes

“Your Longest, and Your Worst, Day”


“If you threaten us, it will be your longest, and your worst, day.” — Jim Mattis.

The Russians’ longest day occurred on February 7, when 500 (including Russian mercenaries) launched an attack on a base housing Syrian opposition forces along with US military advisers.

Raqqa Falls, ISIS Reels


Osama bin Laden famously said, “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, they will naturally want to side with the strong horse.” These days, ISIS is looking more like a dead horse.

US-led forces have liberated Raqqa, the so-called capital of the terror group. Mop-up operations continue, but the city is swarmed with coalition fighters.

“Major military operations in Raqqa are finished but they are now clearing the city of sleeper cells — if they exist — and mines,” said a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces, a US-backed coalition of Arabs and Kurds. “The situation in Raqqa is under control and soon there will be an official statement declaring the liberation of the city.”

Refugee Resettlement Reckoning on Obama Administration


Refugees come to the United States through several legal channels, and this post will focus on only the Refugee Resettlement Program. The Refugee Resettlement Program has its own issues, and is a high-profile element of our immigration policy. We have discussed this before at Ricochet, and it is time for an update. I am posting here to provide some background on Refugee Resettlement, to specifically discuss refugees from Syria, to comment on the program under the Obama Administration, and to document that @JamesOfEngland owes me a beer the next time we cross paths at a meetup.

The Refugee Resettlement Program brought 572,924 refugees to the United States during the Obama Administration (Feb 2, 2009 through Feb 1, 2017). In recent discussions, religion was an issue, so here are some highlights:

  • 196,900 were Christians (34%)
  • 160,622 were Muslims (28%)
  • 47,679 were Hindu (8.3%)
  • 38,781 were Buddhist (6.8%)
  • 8,381 were categorized as “no religion” (1.5%)
  • 249 were Atheist

The Refugee Resettlement Program is operated by the State Department, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration. They provide an on-line database, which is the source of the numbers above. Links are in the comments.

Victor Davis Hanson examines the major foreign policy challenges facing the Trump Administration, including how to properly calibrate the US relationship with Russia, how to defang a nuclear North Korea, and how to combat terrorism as ISIS shifts to a new era.

This week, following President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dr. Leon Aron joined Banter to discuss all things Russia—from election hacking to the conflict in Syria. Dr. Aron is a resident scholar and director of Russian studies at AEI, where he studies Russian domestic and foreign policy and US-Russia relations. He is the editor of the 2015 AEI collection of essays, “Putin’s Russia: How it rose, how it is maintained, and how it might end” and the author of two books: Roads to the Temple: Memory, Truth, Ideas and Ideals in the Making of the Russian Revolution, 1987–1991 and Yeltsin: A Revolutionary Life.

Learn More:

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud the “tough guy” stance that President Trump and Defense Secretary James Mattis are taking in deterring further chemical attacks in Syria. They dive into the complications surrounding the healthcare debate, as Mitch McConnell scraps the vote on the most recent GOP bill and many of the Republicans opposed believe the government should be doing more. Finally, they discuss the PC complaints that the new Dunkirk film — a historical World War II drama  — is “too white,” even though the vast majority of soldiers involved were white.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Rich McFadden of Radio America feeling optimistic after a recent poll shows that Republican Karen Handel has a slim lead over Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff in the Georgia runoff election. They also praise the Supreme Court which ruled unanimously in favor of protecting trademarks that some parties may consider offensive or disparaging. And they applaud the U.S. military as they down the third pro-Syrian regime aircraft this month, an action which prompted a harsh Russian response.

Victor Davis Hanson looks at how American warfare has changed since Vietnam and explains the implications for today’s policymakers.

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Next on Thinking It Through with Jerome Danner:  I invited a writer and thinker who is influencing me more and more after I heard him on the Eric Metaxas Show.  Dr. John Zmirak is a writer for The Stream and he was a great guest to talk to about President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. https://jeromedanner.net/2017/04/15/episode-32-jzmirak-of-streamdotorg-on-trumps-first-100-days-john-zmirak-of-the-stream/ Preview […]

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Trump’s International “Syria Message” Worked


The Global Times, an English-language Chinese site under the control of the Chinese Communist Party, wrote an editorial in favor of China imposing major restrictions on North Korea if they continue to carry out nuclear tests.

They acknowledge that the United States, under President Trump’s leadership, is not to be trifled with.

Washington’s latest threat to Pyongyang is more credible given its just launched missile attack at an air base in Syria. The Korean Peninsula has never been so close to a military clash since the North conducted its first nuclear test in 2006.

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  Sean Spicer will be immediately enrolled into a Dale Carnegie Course for public speaking as a government reform measure. The move follows his did he really just say that? faux pas dropping a ‘Hitler didn’t use gas’ reference in a formal White House Press briefing discussing the Syria situation with national media, world media, […]

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Will Kim Jung Un and Bashir Assad prove Adams right? Scott Adams has argued for over a year and a half that President Trump is a ‘Master Persuader’, going so far as to argue that the President, in many cases, could depose a foreign leader with words alone. Trump may be in the process of […]

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Kevin D. Williamson – who I am a very big fan of – has posted a (hypo?)critical article about Trump’s Missile Strike in Syria. In it he calls the strike illegal as a violation of the War Powers section of the Constitution. He calls for Congress to censure Trump, to regain their power to declare […]

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We forgot to mention, but certainly should have, that there are hundreds of actors in this two and a half minute video and only about three of them are so brazen and uncool as to be white. Not least of which is the star, Kendall Jenner. Which certainly is a slap in the face to the expectations of the Democratic voters who star in the thing and for whom it was made. After all, haven’t they been promised a world in which white people have been eliminated?

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