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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news of a pretty big shift in political party allegiance over the past year. They also unload on the tech executive and partial owner of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors who coldly declared that he and most people do not care about the plight of the Uighurs in China. And they’re frustrated to learn that the gunman at the Texas synagogue hostage crisis was allowed into the U.S. despite numerous red flags.


Join Jim and Greg as they welcome new Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and applaud him following up on his campaign promises on his very first day. They also credit the FBI for a successful resolution to the hostage crisis at a Texas synagogue on Saturday but then fume as the bureau, the media, and the president claim the motive for the incident is a mystery. And they hammer the Salt Lake Tribune for suggesting the national guard should be called in to make sure the unvaccinated never leave their homes.


Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America recoil at the synagogue shooting in southern California but also honor the heroes who made sure the attack was not far deadlier.  They also wince as the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association ends in a very public dispute between two top officials, foreshadowing what may be a very difficult year to come.  They slam the New York Times for publishing two anti-Semitic cartoons within just a couple of days.  And they remember the late Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar.

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It’s been a week now, but it’s still infuriating. Hollywood celebrities, in a wretched orgy of self-indulgent Trump-hate, blamed, and continue to blame, the president and everyone who voted for him for the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. But then it wasn’t exactly a bombshell that a bunch of punk-ass actors – most of whom don’t […]

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The Atlantic’s Franklin Foer: Jewish Trump Voters Must Be Shunned


As a Jew who usually finds it hard to be offended by idiotic, emoting leftists spewing irrational assertions, this may be one of the vilest, most deranged and dangerous things I have read. The Atlantic’s columnist Franklin Foer (former editor of The New Republic) essentially casts blame for the Pittsburgh horror on Conservative Jews.

In Donald Trump’s abhorrence for globalism and in his inability to smack down David Duke, it was easy to hear the ominous chords of history, to see how he was activating dormant hatreds with his conspiratorial tropes.

This is a President that fulfilled his promise to move the American Embassy to Israel’s capital, Jeruselum. This is a President that has reversed Obama’s capitulation on the Iranian regime who’s mullahs refuse to accept Israel as a legitimate nation and continually call for Jews to be pushed out to sea. This is a President who has a Jewish daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren. A man who prayed at the Western Wall, the holiest Jewish spot on earth.