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More Unforced Errors?


Rats. . . Or is this more evidence of panic on the left? Are the Democrats, the Deep State, and their media minions freaking out, racking up penalties on both offense and defense, because of increasingly effective pressure from the Trump team? Consider their responses in the first 48 hours after American special operators successfully raided the rat hole of the now dead terror chief of ISIS, a man who would be caliph.

WaPo: “Watch me burn my journalism card.”

Hello there, HLC mavens! Welcome to the HLC podcast for January 15, 2019 (this is Todd Feinburg’s birthday week podcast) with your hosts, the aforementioned Todd Feinburg, radio guy, and Mike Stopa the as yet to be mentioned west coast AI guy. We are here every week etc. etc. as you well know.

This week, we discuss toxic masculinity as seen through the eyes of everyday guys who are shaving their ugly masculine faces and thinking deep inside about the sexual harassment that they are planning for the day…or something. Has Gillette blown away a significant part of their patronage by insulting men for being men?

I Am a Toad and I Live in a Swamp


Toad Hall is situated on a hill overlooking the beautiful Swartekill, or Black Creek, Swamp. Usually around Memorial Day, we have an influx of snapping turtles, and occasionally other types of turtles like painted turtles, coming up out of the swamp to lay their eggs in our warm flower beds and compost piles. Turtles, being reptiles, lay eggs that must be kept warm to incubate and hatch. My fluffy, sunny flower beds are apparently irresistible.

Yesterday, we saw several turtles in the yard. One mama got out on top of an old stone barn foundation, about ten feet high, and then fell. Fortunately she is a sturdy reptile and she landed in a flower bed, so she was fine. Here is a picture of her at the bottom of the wall. Her shell was probably about 15-18 inches or so:

Washington, DC, is a complicated town full of competing interests vying to control the federal government. Michael Franc, director of the Hoover Institution’s research and initiatives program in the nation’s capital and a former congressional aide, takes us through the past year’s drama, saying why the town hasn’t adjusted to the Trump presidency and offering a holiday guide as to who’s been naughty and nice in 2017.