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Control the Food, Control the People


While everyone including myself, is gasping at the grocery check-out aisle here in the US when the tab comes up, I heard on the radio about a massive food cost increase in Germany. I don’t usually check German news.

While the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is wreaking havoc on grain, fertilizer, fuel, and other world exports, I found this story dated November 2021, so before the war, that describes the shift to “sustainable foods,” code for phasing out meat and replacing with plant-based substitutes. In Europe, there is something called a “Nutri-Score” nutrition label, as well as an “animal welfare” label.  This worldwide shift toward processed fake food (it’s what it is) was born out of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. Make real food more expensive to buy, put restrictions on farmers and ranchers, and they reach their goals. This doesn’t apply to all those cannabis growers. They’re making room for that important crop. More on that later.

Here is another German article from a month ago.