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It’s October … We Were Surprised


I am writing this in October, but this event did not actually occur in October. However, surprise was definitely our reaction. I got a call one day from a Navy recruiter in Washington state, asking me if I would be willing to send our youngest son’s Eagle Scout certificate to their office to verify that our son had, indeed, earned that rank during his Boy Scout years. (The Navy will give you a step up in rank right after boot camp if you are an Eagle Scout.)

What?? Navy recruiter?? Our youngest son was about 23 by then. He’d served as a missionary for our church from age 19-21, learning Russian in his assigned area that covered the length of the Ural Mountains, from the Arctic Circle to the border of Kazakhstan. It had been a challenging but rewarding experience, and when he came home, he attended college for a year and then moved out to the West from Maryland, where he’d lived since he was in junior high. I hadn’t sensed that he was looking, but he decided he needed to do something else with purpose, and college wasn’t it.