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Breyer’s Pocket Constitution


Justice Breyer pulled out a pocket constitution at his White House appearance today. Turns out it was the copy that Justice Breyer received when he entered Harvard Law School in 1964. The copy is pristine — never opened, never thumbed through. None of the cases he heard at the Supreme Court ever required him to consult it. It will make a great exhibit in his museum display someday.

But to the shock of the audience, it turned out to be a living constitution. It leaped from the frail hands of the justice and went running around the room, nipping at the heels of the guests and reminding some of the dangerous, banished German shepherd Major.

To the relief of everyone and for the protection of the president, the Secret Service quickly removed the constitution from the room and the festivities resumed without further incident. The director of the Secret Service is considering whether the constitution will ever be allowed in the White House again, given the dangers it might pose.