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If Math Is White Supremacy, Civilization Is Finished


Two plus two equals four. No controversy there, right? Because in this universe, which happens to be governed by immutable laws of physics, which are expressed through unalterable mathematics, two plus two must always equal four, there’s only one right answer. And no one could possibly quibble with that, right?

Wrong! Reality-denying leftists insist that two plus two is deviously misleading and adds up to a whole lot more than four, if it even adds up to that. It’s all part of the larger equation of – and you know what’s coming – the dastardly, ubiquitous, never-ending, all-encompassing . . . drum roll, please . . . white supremacy!

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Who would like to have a very uncomfortable conversation about “white supremacy?”  Yeah, me neither.  Still, those of us who understand how that term is being used by the left to wage their destructive war against America need to start talking about it and refuting it more strongly.  Otherwise, whatever the left says about it […]

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When Leftist Worlds Collide


In a rapidly declining Western civilization gone mad with progressive ideology, one of the few pleasures available for people with traditional values is watching one fringe element of the left trash another fringe element of the left.  It doesn’t necessarily do much to slow down the civilizational destruction, but it provides sporadic moments of intense pleasure.

One case in point: Leonardo DiCaprio.  Did you know that the world-famous actor and climate activist is guilty of promoting white supremacy?  Neither did most people, but after all, he is white, rich and powerful, so it just stands to reason, right?