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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin making sure there is enough police present to protect Supreme Court justices and the Senate funding more security for the family members. They also walk through the multiple factors leading to severe shortage of baby formula in the U.S. And they react to tweets showing the incoming White House Press Secretary publicly called the 2016 presidential race and the 2018 Georgia governor’s race to be stolen elections.


Jigar Shah, director of the Loan Programs Office at the Department of Energy, joins “Plugged In” host and former FERC Chairman Neil Chatterjee to talk about all things clean energy and what it takes to secure energy loans.

He digs deeper into his office’s hands-on role in funding projects that aim to cut down on carbon emissions and the importance of projects that help America to become more independent in the energy space.

Essential Workers Honk Back


One of the posts I wrote that got the widest circulation was on what actually matters in a crisis. Instapundit and even Ace of Spades picked it up. Back then, people were really worried about the pandemic, other issues tended to fade into the background. All that mattered was surviving the virus, and our response to the virus.

Pretty rapidly, we were introduced to the concept of the “Essential Worker.” The Essential Worker had to be at work, no matter what. Critical infrastructure workers, health care workers, food supply chain including grocery stores, delivery drivers, and first responders. I was a second-tier essential worker, as I was around to support people researching the virus. There was a lot of gratitude for essential workers back then, when you could say “We’re all in this together” and get determined nods rather than eyerolls.

Join Jim and Greg as they dissect the stunningly horrible poll numbers for President Biden in a new poll both on key issues and his overall performance. They also shake their heads as the backlog of cargo ships off America’s west coast gets worse and worse. And they are flabbergasted as just how bad Vice President Kamala Harris is at the simplest parts of her job, like answering basic questions.


Jim & Greg welcome the return of in-person schooling to Chicago after a four-day hissy fit from the Chicago Teachers Union. They also sigh as President Biden reportedly makes no progress in trying to deter Russian military action in Ukraine. And the Biden administration gets caught flat-footed again as out supply chain problems grow.


Jack ends the year with young econ expert Dominic Pino to make sense of the supply-chain and inflation crises that have beset America in 2021 and to try to ascertain whether they’ll stick with us in 2022.

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Video here.  I’ve only watched part of it so far, but looks very worthwhile. Transportation secretary Buttigieg could learn a lot from this video, or even better, by getting out and talking with some of those people who make the logistics system work.  (And by ‘talking’, I mean mostly ‘listening’) Preview Open

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This week on Hubwonk, Joe Selvaggi talks with global supply chain expert, MIT Professor Yossi Sheffi about the unprecedented global supply and demand shocks created by the Covid-19 pandemic and how effective supply chain managers in an integrated world economy adapted to provide consumers with food, goods, and vaccines in record time.


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A decade ago, as we were approaching President Barack Obama’s first congressional mid-term elections in 2010, Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel “Atlas Shrugged” enjoyed a renaissance. A three-part movie ensued. Audiobooks and reprints of her tome became fashionable. “Who is John Galt?” bumper stickers found their way on vehicles. Her best-selling book promoted her largely libertarian, […]

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Democrats and the Politics of Scarcity


One chilly night, the president lowered the White House thermostat, put on a cardigan, and gave the American people a stern talking-to. We enjoyed too much abundance for too long and it was time to pay for our profligacy.

“The oil and natural gas that we rely on for 75 percent of our energy are simply running out,” Jimmy Carter said in 1977. “We could use up all the proven reserves of oil in the entire world by the end of the next decade.” The only way to prevent catastrophe was “strict conservation” and a willingness to “make sacrifices.”

Join Jim and Greg for a very special podcast!  First, they see reason to be optimistic about 2022 as three powerful House Democrats decide not to seek re-election. They also have plenty to say as Dems start telling Americans that the supply chain crisis just means we’ll have to stop whining and lower our expectations.  They marvel at Jen Psaki’s response to reports the Chinese may have fired off a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile. Finally, they raise a glass to 11 years of the 3 Martini Lunch!

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the egregiously overdue end of the travel ban to the U.S. for vaccinated people from the UK and the European Union. They also shudder after finding out Loudoun County, Virginia, schools have failed to reported abuse incidents for years and that Democrats in the Virginia legislature made it easier to cover up these problems just last year. And they react to the news that Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg has been on leave for the past two months while the supply chain crisis grew worse.


Join Jim and Greg as they cheer William Shatner for going to space and the private sector space industry for their amazing innovation. They also have plenty to say as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggests the media needs to do more to sell the reconciliation bill to the public. And they’re a bit puzzled as GOP California Rep. Michelle Steel reacts to the Pacific Ocean oil leak and the gridlock at our ports by proposing a ban on ships idling off the southern California coast.