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When Our Heroes Come to Blows


Not Pictured: Our Feelings

This is the year we make our heroes beat-up each other: Superman fights Batman; Captain America (and friends) fights Iron Man (and friends); Daredevil fights the Punisher; Deadpool fights Our Sense of Decency and Good Taste; the Flash and Supergirl team up to fight our Suspension of Disbelief. Such concepts bring up questions from my non-cool (read: non-nerdy) friends ,who ask, “Why would good guys fight each other?”

Small Screen Reviews: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Also-rans in a Lague of their Own

These guys are legen — wait for it … … — dary. Sorta.

If you’re as nerdy like me – and I know I am – you’ll have been watching DC’s offerings on the television. Though DC’s big screen offerings have been mixed, their small screen shows have remained strong. I’m including Constantine in this mix because I think it was a great show, but its premise was fresher back when it was released and, nowadays, it’s nothing new. So with Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and yes I’m including Gotham, things have remained strong. Well, until now.

Small Screen Review: Supergirl


supergirlI frequently admit that I’m a sucker for superheroes. I love comic books, I love superhero movies, cartoons, and television shows. In fact, I consider myself fortunate as we seem to be in something of a golden age of superheroes on screen. Marvel has pretty much owned the big screen so far, coming up with at least one or two hits a year (though every year there are a couple of sour notes for them as well it seems). DC Comics, however, has quickly overtaken the small screen with good to great offerings like Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Constantine (now cancelled, cuss mah luck), and now, Supergirl.

If you’re going to do a comic book pilot right, I believe from now on I’m going to point people to Supergirl. Though it stumbles a bit like many pilots seem to, it never falters at all and even gets a couple great notes that if you’re a particular enthusiastic viewer will make you stand up and cheer.

The first great thing: Supergirl doesn’t drag you through the origin story. Oh, it’s there, but it doesn’t take up a lot of time. In fact, this is a full season television show, and they spent far less time on her origin story than the time spent on Superman’s origin in Man of Steel. Mostly because they assume you know Superman’s origin story and, seriously, who doesn’t? Superman is one of the most recognizable characters on the planet (and not just The Daily Planet). Even if you are vaguely interested, you know his story. So Supergirl has that advantage. And then they go, “I’m his cousin. I was sent to protect him, but I got waylaid and arrived later.” Tada! There’s her backstory. To the writers I say “Thank you.” Overwrought origins can bore the audience away from the screen.

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I just read the new Star Wars character will ‘just happen to be a lesbian’.  Now, in my swashbuckling, brawny, space operas, I don’t really want to know who wants to sleep with whomever.  Does it advance the story line?  Am I supposed to care? As a kid, Thor was a brawny, no-nonsense, blonde brawling […]

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