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Subliberal Advertising


While watching TV advertising, I often get the feeling I’m being lectured to.

The Super Bowl yesterday was a series of lectures with this message: “As often as we’ve tried to educate you people out there in flyover country, you remain resistant to our efforts to civilize you. We continue to detect traces of racism, misogyny, and xenophobia in your makeup; so it’s our moral imperative to disabuse you of those ideas.”

Member Post


So the leftists running the NFL hate police so much they rejected a game program ad from AMVETS because it asked everyone to #PleaseStand for the national anthem. The NFL supports the millionaire players’ political demonstrations, which promote the lie that there is an epidemic of racist police killing innocent African American men, during the […]

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The Definition of a Humorless Scold


Taking a time out from yesterday’s sports holy day, I had to point out that our friends at NARAL dutifully used their tweet to let us know which Super Bowl commercials were acceptable to enjoy (along with tips on how to enjoy them). They obviously long for a regime where they’d perform this function in an official, government-sanctioned capacity backed by force of law but, until then, they can practice. Here’s the commercial that earned their ire: