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We all understand that domestic opponents of the Russian regime, across time, have faced death or disabling consequences, never acknowledged by the regime or its head. This has been true from Leon Trotsky, to Alexander Litvinenko, to Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia. Never mind the inconvenient journalists gunned down by unknown assailants on Russian […]

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The Sunshine of My Life


“The sun of real happiness shines in your life when you start to cherish others.” — Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

When I think of summer, I experience a restorative state of mind: easy days, dazzling sunlight, leafy trees, blooming flowers and cheerful moments. I think of a bright, yellow sun, bathing the skies and shooing the clouds away. A sunny day lifts me up, even when things might not be going well.

When we are not blessed with sunlight, however, it might be easy to let the clouds drift in. Before we know it, shadows linger nearby, visions narrow and loneliness sets in. But if we are wise, we remember that our lives are illuminated in the cloudy moments through our relationships with others. At those times when we feel most alone and not appreciated, the world looks dark. But when we cherish others, embrace the beauty and warmth of sharing our lives with friends, family and colleagues, the sun is always shining.

Summer Lobster


I grew up in the North. That wasn’t really my fault, just where my parents wound up after meeting and marrying in Georgia. We would go back down to Georgia to visit family every year or so. We had a joke that it always rained in Louisville, KY, because every time we would be driving through it on the way from Illinois to Georgia, it would rain there. We might stop on the way. For instance, one year we stopped at the home of a family friend who had moved down to Tennessee. They had a line of blackberry bushes down near where the old railroad tracks used to be.

Just an aside here, but have you ever noticed how folks out in the country give direction by what used to be there?