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Welcome mama bears and daddy bears to this the 216th edition of the Harvard Lunch Club political podcast – the Kraft Bears edition of the show – with your unbearable hosts, east coast radio guy Todd Feinburg and west coast AI guy Mike Stopa. We come to you every week with the pithy, the provocative and the funny stories that, well, that make you thirst for more.

This week, we discuss Robert Kraft, New England Patriots owner, winner of an unprecedented six Super Bowl Titles and (loyal?) patron of heretofore thriving establishments such as the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida. As you surely know, Bob was caught with his hand, er, in the fortune cookie jar and rumor has it that there is videotape. Mr. Kraft says no. We shall see. The house of ill repute in question is more than just a whore house, however, and is a wing of a sex trafficking network.