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While Democrat cities continue to burn and bleed, and Democrats refuse to denounce their street operatives’ violence, President Trump and Attorney General Barr offer every American a choice, not an echo. On Monday, President Trump went to Yuma, Arizona and stood outside in 120 degree heat, under the desert sun, demonstrating his ability to coherently […]

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Value of Symbols


justice and COVID-19Observed outside a Circle K recently: two men approached on battered bicycles. One black, one white, they were both desert-lean and weathered. They knew long-term poverty.

Said the black man to the white: “They’re so stupid, they pull down a statue and throw it in the river!” Answered the white man: “Thousands of pounds of bronze!”

This conversation illustrates the Grand Canyon-sized gap between the leftist punks and the poor, those truly without “privilege.” A brief explanation for the perplexed: these were scrap men. They scavenge metal for cash and are acutely aware of the current local market value of every metal. When they see a bronze statue being pulled down by wealthy young whites LARPing* as revolutionaries, these men accurately estimate weight and dollars per pound.

Strong, Sensible, Domestic Security Policy


Bill of Rights and TrumpPresident Trump ran and won on a strong, sensible Second Amendment policy. He knew the issue was so important, that he made it the subject of his second position paper for the 2016 campaign.* He, his aides, his supporters, and the GOP need to dust that document off and go on offense this next week. Here is how such a Trumpian approach is a winner in American politics.

The 2016 election hinged on several states in the Rust Belt. Salena Zito and Brad Todd documented the surprising voting demographics that came through for President Trump. One of these groups was labeled “girl gun power.”** These were Millennial to Gen X women who had the strongest belief of any demographic group that they had the undeniable right to decide for themselves what kind of firearm was appropriate for their home defense. The NRA very effectively focussed advertising to them, and they chose guns over genital solidarity, even after the Billy Bush tape.

President Trump absolutely must hold these voters. But what of the signs of losing the old core of suburban Republican women? There are concerns that, as Texas attracted businesses from California, it imported new voters who want economic freedom but have contempt for the Second Amendment and social conservatism. Moreover, there are fears that suburban women, even if identifying as Republican, dislike President Trump.

Trump Fatigue Syndrome: Is There a Cure?


I’m tired. And I take full responsibility for my condition. I’m not here to blame Donald Trump for my difficulties. I also think I’m not alone, and I care a great deal for all the people who are in the same dire straits. My biggest concern is that Donald Trump’s prospects for 2020 could be at risk. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First, let me explain how I arrived at this point. I’m one of those many people who was not a Trump supporter at the beginning, but I came on board early as I saw his many accomplishments: tax cuts, great economy, Supreme Court justices, cuts in regulations, demands that the Europeans pony up for NATO—and the list goes on.

But as I was on my morning walk, I realized I wasn’t alone. In fact, I’m a suburban woman—one of those females who is beginning to pull away. I know that Trump will need every vote he can get. I know he has every reason to attack the media. I realize that he’s a fighter and when he sees people do stupid things, he feels obligated to call them out. I get it.

Women for Progress


There has been much concern over the election about the suburban women vote. Over the course of the last two years, this demographic has waxed and waned in its support for Republicans and Trump. Many cite a growing distaste for Trump’s demeanor as the reason for their displeasure, but this appears to be more of a guess. While its true, women as a whole have increasingly grown disapproving of Trump’s job performance, the NPR/Marist poll that these interpretations are relying on hardly point to Trump’s demeanor for a growing disapproval among suburban women. This is the only poll I have found cited since Rasmussen reported the uptick from the Kavanaugh Affair.

The Suburban Woman Defined