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Quote of the Day: Apples and Oranges


“Do I look like I have stupid written all over my face?” – Ernest P. Worrell

In the case of Jim Varney’s iconic character, well, yeah, that’s exactly what he looked like. But what about the rest of us? We’re constantly being told stories by the government, the media and corporations that would strain the credulity of a five-year-old.

Apple is currently experiencing a bit of a public relations problem after being forced to admit that they have been intentionally slowing down the older models of their phones. Of course, they would never do something like that to try and promote the sales of newer models. No, it was done solely because as the lithium ion batteries become older and no longer perform at peak efficiency, the performance must be degraded to maintain full functionality. They really had no choice. It’s not as if they could have made that information public from the beginning, and offered replacement batteries at a reasonable price.