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Time for summer viewings. Here’s an entry in our ongoing series on Hitchcock–the 1951 hit that made Hitchcock popular again, Strangers On A Train, kind of companion piece to Rope. Both are movies about murders committed out of enlightened immorality, one set among education elites in New York, the other among political elites in Washington. Both stories are about social climbers who have to face up to the ugliness of the elites they want to join and, therefore, warn of the problems post-war liberalism will face.


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James Lileks and I bring you a Thanksgiving surprise, the browsing rant and ranting browsing through middlebrow & midcentury America. We’ve got lots to offer:


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Warning: If you haven’t seen many of Hitchcock’s films, there are spoilers. Yes, being yet another exploration of Alfred Hitchcock’s work. Many essays and articles have been written about the influence of Alfred Hitchcock’s Catholic faith on his films. You can find them here, here, here, and here for starters. Rather than offer up an exhaustive treatise […]

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