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Aren’t Americans Still Stranded in Afghanistan?


I realize that all airtime just had to be eaten up by narcissistic-gluttonous politicians and celebrities consuming our thoughts and emotions over the original 9/11, and I admit that I don’t have the news feeds hooked directly into my consciousness. However, it seems that a rather important question has been receding far more quickly than I would have predicted. Are there still Americans stranded in Afghanistan? I remember 9/11 too; I remember the visceral emotions. That was 20 years ago, though, and we have some rather pressing issues to hash out right now, don’t we? Are there fellow Americans still there, still in imminent danger? Do we know how many? Why isn’t this the question and issue being reported on?

Please don’t misunderstand. This is not some plea to do the work for me. I’ve looked and have found shockingly little recent info. Nor am I asking these “why” questions naively: I have a pretty good working theory. I’m not against memorials, but the fact that we know so little still and the apparent fading of the importance of this totally avoidable crisis has struck me deeper than any of the memorials about 9/11. I’ve known that media is no longer merely biased; they are generally incompetent, captured propagandists, or both. I try to be optimistic, but my reserve is fading almost as fast as this story seems to be fading.