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Life with Islam and Its Enablers


As I wrote this, the Russians were hunting down the perpetrator of an attack on the St. Petersburg subway, in which 14 people were killed and some 45 injured. It took Russian authorities no time at all before an image of a possible culprit was circulated.

Vladimir Putin, it appeared, would not be taking a page out of the West’s Jihadi-protection program manual. The feelings of Muslims—who else?—were not being spared. Russians weren’t cautioned about Islamophobia. Officials didn’t beat on breast about their society’s failure to integrate Muhammadans. Mental illness wasn’t floated to exculpate what was likely Jihad.

Terror in Stockholm Tonight


What we know now is that one or more assailants hijacked a truck in central Stockholm and drove a truck into a crowd on the busiest street in the city at 2:53 pm, just ahead of the Friday afternoon rush.

Three people have been confirmed dead and 15 or more are seriously injured, all of the hospitals are on high alert, and all public transport has been shut down, including the traffic in and around the central station.

Two hours after the initial alarm, the visibly shaken Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven confirmed that this was a terror attack and that all government buildings are put on lockdown.