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30 seconds: Somehow the rumor got started at FreedomFest this week in Las Vegas that Kid Rock was attending, so I furiously tracked down his publicist for an interview. Then I bumped into Jo Ann Skousen, co-founder of the event, and got straightened out. “But,” she whispered to me, “I think Penn Gillette is coming later […]

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Steve Forbes Warns Washington


Steve ForbesSteve Forbes warns the Republicans why they are about to lose the House unless… Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media sits down with Dave Sussman at Whiskey Politics for a discussion about Free Markets at the home of Libertarian thought, Freedom Fest. Topics include Obamacare, Tax Reform, the border adjustment tax and why “Paul Ryan has been snagged by the Body Snatchers.”

Is the Flat-tax Going to Become a Key Issue for Social Conservatives?


tax exempt statusOn NRO, David French reports that one of the attorneys arguing in favor of gay marriage in the Supreme Court admitted that tax exempt status for institutions that oppose gay marriage “is going to be an issue.” The institution under discussion was colleges — Bob Jones University in particular — but surely this would also become an issue for hospitals and other institutions and charities run by religious orders and eventually even churches, temples and mosques (well, maybe never mosques).

My question is whether we who harbor the definition as marriage as being only between a man and woman (like those who, you know, take Jesus as His word) will soon be considered Constitutional heretics. And if that happens, would we be better off doing away with all of the lawsuits in our future about whether a charity is worthy of tax exempt status by doing away with all such exemptions now? Should we focus on a flat tax which would allow more people to keep more money and be able to than give even more generously to the religious institutions they value?

And as a bonus, no more tax exemption for The Clinton Foundation.