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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome a well known woman of the left advising Democrats to take a serious approach to the House investigation of Hunter Biden and the Biden family. They also have a lot of fun with former White House Counsel Greg Craig’s suggestion that the Democrats have an open primary for vice president. It’s obviously a sign of low enthusiasm for Kamala Harris but it’s also a political free-for-all that would be very entertaining – although they know it will never happen. Finally, they roll their eyes as the late night water carriers for leftist talking points take shots at the Department of Energy over the recent COVID lab leak conclusion.

Jim Geraghty of Natonal Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America sigh as liberal late night comedians demand new gun control legislation while getting their facts wildly wrong.  They also react to reports that President Trump does not appear likely to embrace gun control efforts in the wake of the horrific attack in Las Vegas that killed dozens and wounded hundreds.  And they shake their heads as White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney  – a deficit hawk while in Congress – says he is embracing deficits as part of the emerging tax reform legislation.

#FireColbert Is a Terrible Idea


Many are infuriated with CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert for his insulting and vulgar rant against President Donald Trump. Some have called it offensive, while others think Colbert has engaged in anti-gay slurs for calling Trump Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “c*** holster.”

Firing Colbert is a terrible idea. What good will it do? If you want to do something about people like Colbert getting late-night hosting gigs, you need to beat him. And that requires investing in and creating competition. I went on a bit of a rant on the issue Wednesday morning. You can watch the video here; below is a partial transcript:

You don’t fire Colbert; you compete with him. If you get rid of Colbert, what do you think comes in his place? And you still have Seth Meyers, and you still have Samantha Bee, and you still have Bill Maher, and you still have John Oliver, and you still have Rachel Maddow, and you still have Chris Matthews, and you still have Lawrence O’Donnell, and you still have Chris Hayes, and you still have, and you still have, and you still have.

The Uncertain Future of Stephen Colbert, the “Superman” Who Bleeds


Things are not going well.Drudge teased this headline all day as “developing” then finally gave us a link to the New York Times: “CBS rebooting ‘LATE SHOW’ with Colbert…

It’s a show that certainly needs a “reboot,” since “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” has been a ratings failure — unwatchable to at least half the country. Why? Because Colbert is just another in long line of preachy lefty “political entertainers” who sacrifice humor for message.

Here’s something the lefty Hollywood elite just doesn’t get: Right-leaning people do enjoy your content — even though you insult the non-lefty half most of the time. If people on the right didn’t consume your product, you would not have the millions of dollars you’ve earned to pay for the several homes you inhabit. People on the right have the ability to just let it go … but we do have limits.

Why I Said Yes to Jon Stewart, But No to Stephen Colbert


CBS’s announcement last week that Stephen Colbert will be taking David Letterman’s chair as host of the Late Show got me thinking about the differences between Colbert and Jon Stewart. A few years ago, I went on The Daily Show with Stewart to discuss my latest book, Crisis and Command. My friends thought I was crazy to go on given Stewart’s well-deserved reputation for skewering his conservative guests. What was anticipated to be a grilling from a liberal talk show host actually turned into a fair fight. According to Stewart himself on the next day’s show, I “got” him.

According to the redoubtable Troy Senik, who keeps track of the fate of conservatives in the media, this was one of the only times that Stewart ever admitted that he had lost. I am still trying to figure out a way to at least get a free dinner now and again for giving advice on handling a hostile media.

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That was fast. CBS announced this morning, after a week’s worth of speculation, that Stephen Colbert will indeed take over for David Letterman when the host of the Late Show retires next year. According to an official announcement Colbert has a new five-year deal with CBS. “I never dreamed that I would follow in his footsteps, though everyone […]

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