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Music That Makes Me Cry


There are certain musical pieces that automatically bring a tear to my eye.* Usually it’s not a sad or depressing song; I have a different reaction to those. This song by Neko Case is an exception. It is an almost perfect female country song with unrelenting heartbreak from beginning to end. I’ve included the YouTube version with the intro to the next song on purpose. She absolutely rips your heart out for two minutes, then moves on to the next one like it’s no big thing. I know exactly how Roberta Flack felt.**

Music that makes me…feel like I’m in Olde England


I’ve been an Anglophile for decades and went to Britain with my first husband in 1984. And since the 1970s, I’ve been very fond of Steeleye Span, a rock group that draws most of their material from Medieval and Renaissance English folk songs. In those times, the subjects of folk songs tended to be elves, fairies, poachers, farmers, kings, sailors, and sex. Yes, human nature doesn’t change much down the centuries. The personnel of Steeleye Span has changed many times over the years, but mostly their lead singer, Maddy Prior has been the focus. Herewith, a sampling of Steeleye Span.

Long Lankin is a medieval tale of the grisly murder of a lady and her infant by a disgruntled mason, or maybe just a “boogeyman” who roams the moors.

My Music Contribution for the Week: Hard Times of Old England


Steeleye Span is one of my most favorite groups, and they have been around since the 1970s.  For some unknown reason, their rendition of Hard Times of Old England has been playing on my internal tape today.  So, I wandered through YouTube, looking for something the Ricochetti might like.  There are the usual, just cuts from an album with audio only, or audio and still photos.  But I found this unusual recording from 1984.  I’m sorry the sound level isn’t what it could be, but the video is pretty cool!