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Resistance to the New Florida Abortion Law


The arguments against limiting abortions are getting sillier and more illogical. Do you think the pro-abortion people are beginning to give up the fight? So what is the new abortion law (may be behind a paywall) that will be crossing Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk?—

The proposal bans most abortions after the fetus reaches 15 weeks of gestation — defined in the bill as 15 weeks from the first day of a person’s last normal menstrual period — is headed to the Florida Senate after the Florida House passed it early Thursday. Florida’s current cut-off is 24 weeks. The bill makes exceptions if doctors attest the termination of a pregnancy is necessary to save the mother from death or serious injury, or if the fetus has a ‘fatal fetal abnormality,’ defined as a condition that will result in death at birth or immediately after.

The following statement was made, I assume, to explain the reasoning behind not needing the legislation:

Small Victories Against Goliath


david-and-goliath-vbaAs much as we hate to admit it, many of us have felt victimized and outraged by Obama’s power-mongering, arrogant, and defiant administration. I look ahead and wonder whether the next president will tackle our disgraceful debt? What about the bloated federal government? Or the lopsided reality of a supposed three-part federal government? I’m also skeptical about whether Congress will finally reverse any of the administration’s or agencies’ abuses of the last eight years.

I think the first steps to correct these injustices are actually happening. The actions are small, but they have already shown signs of success in the past year, and suggest hope for the foreseeable future: Actions by the federal court system outside of the Supreme Court against the tyranny of our government will be the path to salvation.

Lately I’ve noticed stories about court cases where people with conservative agendas were winning. As I looked into these cases, I found a few that indicated that all was not lost.

Member Post


Today, a Federal judge ruled Oregon’s traditional marriage measure to be unconstitutional. This really wasn’t a surprise, to tell the truth. Taking a cue from California, Oregon’s state government chose not to defend the measure, and the Federal judge disallowed anyone else to take up defense of the measure. It’s expected that same sex marriages will […]

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