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Welcome to this special, Corbyn-Might Maneuver edition of the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast with our British-Irish-U.K. correspondent William Campbell coming to us (naturally) from Berlin to give us the lowdown on the shocking outcome of the British Parliamentary elections.

William is staying up until three in the morning just so we can podcast the news before anyone else! And here is our scoop: Britain is a bloody mess! The Tories failed miserably. But Labor didn’t win either. So what does *that* mean?!? Do they call another election? Can Jeremy Corbyn actually become Prime Minister? Is the Brit’s answer to Bernie Sanders ready for the job?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America continue their year-end awards. Today, they reflect on the political figures they were most sad to see pass away in 2016. They also discuss their rising political stars and reach an easy consensus on the political figure they are most eager to see fade into oblivion.