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The Great American Ballpark Ranking


””Since 2012 my buddy and I have been on a mission to visit all 30 major league ballparks. You see, we really like baseball. It took seven years but as of July 8, 2018, we completed our quest: visiting 27 ballparks (we’d already been to games together at Fenway, Yankee Stadium, and Oakland Coliseum).

Our methodology was to arrive at least an hour before the game (we couldn’t do this in all cases), walk the entire stadium, sample the food, and then stay until the last out. Below are my completely objective rankings with the top three parks, along with the rest divided among three tiers. You may notice that there are not an equal number of teams in each tier. I don’t care. This is my post. So argue away.

Bottom line, any park is a good place to watch a baseball game.

Say Hello to the Las Vegas Raiders … Eventually


The NFL owners have voted (by a vote of 31-1) to allow the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas. What’s not clear is exactly when the move will take place. A new $1.9 billion dollar stadium (which would make it the most expensive stadium to date) is planned to be built in Las Vegas but is not scheduled to be open until 2020.

The Raiders will play in Oakland in 2017 and have an option in Oakland for 2018. Whether Oakland will still want them in 2018 is probably an open question and, in any case, with the new stadium not ready until 2020, arrangements will need to be made for a stadium and a city to play in for the 2019 season.

This article from a week ago in the San Jose Mercury News discusses the business plan and economics of the move for both the city of Las Vegas and for the Raiders.

Scott Walker and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Stadium Deal


Scott-Walker-Bucks-1024x800Two days ago, I praised Gov. Scott Walker’s quiet conservatism. Today, I’ll criticize his inconsistency. The Milwaukee Bucks decided they needed a new basketball arena and they told the government to pay for it. If politicos didn’t cough up $250 million, the NBA warned that the Bucks might leave Wisconsin. Nice team you have here, Milwaukee. It’d be a shame if something happened to it…

Taxpayers would rightly be furious if a private business demanded they fund a supermarket, an office building, or a strip mall — why on earth should they send their hard-earned money to millionaire athletes and billionaire owners? But, like most politicians of both parties, Walker quickly knuckled under to a threat from a major sports league:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) signed legislation Wednesday to spend $250 million from taxpayers on a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team — a deal he has championed for months despite fierce opposition from fiscal conservatives who usually agree with him.