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COVID Congratulations!


Congratulations should be in order. The public health leadership asked us to give them time, to change our lifestyles to slow the progression of the disease.  At great personal and social cost, we successfully flattened the curve. We bought time for the medical and research professionals to catch up. Outside of the New York City DeBlasio Debacle, we did what everyone was asking of us, and the results are showing it. This should be a time to start relaxing the lockdown, as it has succeeded outside of NYC. Tim Carney speaks for me here.

What’s utterly infuriated to me is that a lot of people are trying to claim this is a failure.

Member Post


This question is prompted by the recent Wall Street Journal report that the brother of Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend sold the racy photos of Mr. Bezos for $200,000. But I have thought of this question on occasion ever since the early 1990’s when a man working for a US government agency was arrested for spying for […]

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Ethics Contributor fails Moral Challenge


I did not see this at Ricochet.  The column, by one of our Contributors, appeared on the editorial page of the gosh-awful Leftist newspaper that soils my driveway each morning.  This Leftist newspaper has printed more columns by “Republicans” in the past four months than in the previous year, or any previous year, since their founding in 1841.  These editorials by “Republicans” have all been disdainful and disparaging of the GOP nominee.  This particular example is more of the same.   I am writing to take issue with one paragraph:

Conservatives, particularly religious conservatives, who have rallied to Trump have squandered their own integrity and tainted the reputation of conservatism. They signed on for all of this when they saluted smartly and, in effect, acknowledged that all that character talk about Bill Clinton was so much gas.